Manufacturer: MEI

Description: Lens processing equipment maker MEI is launching a new website designed to provide opticians with information about its compact EzFit lens processing system. The company is also promoting EzFit’s capabilities to retailers by stepping up its participation at industry meetings geared toward the specific needs of opticians, including regional events in various international markets.

Features: MEI’s new website, thelensedger.com, is dedicated to EzFit. The system’s advantages are illustrated in detail using new graphics that speak directly to opticians. Designed for ease of operation, EzFit brings the same performance capabilities as an industrial machine to optical labs and shops, offering high standards of quality and reliability, according to MEI. Speed, accuracy, processing flexibility and stability during shaping are some of the benefits of MEI’s proprietary milling process. Thanks to these features, EzFit can increase throughput, speed up processing times and cut production costs, the company says. A NoBlock version of the system that doesn’t require a centering block is also available.

“An immense change in mentality is taking place, and we are convinced it will continue to benefit our efforts to expand the EzFit market,” says Stefano Sonzogni, president and technical director of MEI. “Industry professionals are beginning to fully comprehend the fact that our EzFit eliminates the need for further processing, since the lens is cut perfectly, right from the start. No reprocessing of the lenses is required and, oddly enough, until the process is better understood, this is almost perceived as a flaw.”

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Vision Ease Occupational Lenses

Vision Ease

Description: Vision Ease’s new line of occupational lenses is designed with office ergonomics in mind. The lenses feature optimal viewing zones for specific tasks.

Features: “Vision Ease’s new occupational designs have been created with maximum comfort in mind for those extended, up-close activities,” says David Hoagland, senior product manager at Vision Ease. “With these lenses, eyecare professionals and retailers can offer their patients a solution specific to their needs, whether that’s working on a computer or interacting with a larger office environment.”

Availability: Vision Ease Computer lenses maximize the wearer’s viewing zone for tasks closer than 6 feet, such as reading, working with objects in their hands, or focusing on devices and computers. Vision Ease Desk lenses are a versatile option for wearers who need roomy near and intermediate zones up to 12 feet to view screens and engage with others near their desks. Vision Ease Office lenses offer improved vision over general-purpose progressives for viewing ranges up to 20 feet. These lenses enhance near and intermediate vision as a wearer moves from meetings to computer throughout the day.

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CliC Magnetic Readers

Distributor: OptiSource International

Description: OptiSource International has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with CliC Goggles to distribute their line of magnetic, front-connection reading glasses in the U.S. OptiSource is now the only supplier of the CliC line to the U.S. optical market.

Features: CliC readers are functional, fashionable and Rxable. Their patented design features a neodymium magnetic front connection and a built-in adjustable retainer that allows the reading glasses to be conveniently worn around the neck when not in use.

Availability: Wide range of styles and colors. Powers range from +1.50 to +3.00D.

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