The Contact Lens Institute

A new one-minute video series from The Contact Lens Institute (CLI) is helping the eyecare community better communicate healthy, comfortable wear and care behavior with contact lens patients. The “EASY Does It” series is now available as a YouTube playlist. The Contact Lens Institute advances the latest innovations in safe and effective contact lens and lens care products and services that provide unique benefits to patients while satisfying the evolving needs of eyecare professionals.

Features: Each video spotlights an optometrist, optician or technician, all of whom are 2023 Contact Lens Institute Visionaries, who describes one way they use CLI’s The EASY Way (Eyes, Awareness, Safety and You) program, such as training staff, educating new and current wearers, or reminding themselves to have a quick but effective wear and care conversation with every contact lens patient. Now entering its third year, the initiative has been adopted by eyecare practices across the United States and beyond. The EASY Way includes simplified tips, attention-grabbing infographics and companion digital resources for use in practices, presented in a memorable and straightforward way.

Availability: All components are available for free download at easywayprogram.org. The “EASY Does It” video series is being promoted across CLI’s social media channels, CLI Visionaries’ own digital channels and through CLI member companies Alcon, Bausch + Lomb, CooperVision and Johnson & Johnson Vision.



Haag-Streit Surgical Chair 900, previously known as CO:RE Surgical Chair, is the first chair to consider every aspect of the ophthalmic surgeon’s experience in the surgical suite. Ophthalmic surgeons are at risk of musculoskeletal injuries and chronic pain, especially when working in a surgical chair that does not provide optimal support or mobility. Haag-Streit collaborated with ophthalmologists to understand their unique challenges and created an ergonomic solution.

Features: The Surgical Chair 900 promotes better posture and comfort with both vertical and horizontal lumbar support. It also accommodates surgeons of varying heights with seat adjustability for perfect hip and leg alignment. The chair’s design allows for a full range of motion. The armless seat back provides support without impeding the arms and elbows, while ergonomically placed pedal controls allow the user to effortlessly raise or lower the seat and lock it into place. The base and column were also designed for easy cleaning and disinfection.




CooperVision has launched its MyDay Energys contact lenses in the U.S.

Features: MyDay Energys is a one-day contact lens combining a CooperVision exclusive aspheric design and material technology to help tiredness and dryness associated with digital eyestrain. The precisely engineered DigitalBoost single vision aspheric design delivers a +0.3D boost of power, intended to ease strain on eye muscles so the wearer can shift focus from on screen to off screen with less effort. CooperVision also incorporated its Aquaform Technology, which hydrates MyDay Energys lenses to twice their weight in water for natural wettability and comfort, helping eyes feel less dry, even during times of reduced blinking. MyDay Energys is the newest addition to CooperVision’s MyDay family, which includes MyDay sphere, MyDay toric and MyDay multifocal contact lenses. MyDay Energys is available in sphere powers of +8.00D to -12.00D, with no plano option. MyDay Energys also includes built-in UV blocking, helping to minimize the transmission of harmful UV rays.



The Haag-Streit Lenstar Myopia now includes the new AMMC (Age-Matched Myopia Control) framework by professor Dr. Hakan Kaymak. This first-of-its-kind framework will provide diagnostic support based on the eye’s axial growth.

Features: Lenstar Myopia is a comprehensive solution for myopia management; it enables the eyecare professional to obtain fast, precise measurements, and quickly and confidently interpret data to detect myopia. The new AMMC framework provides excellent data on the eye’s expected length growth considering age, gender and sociocultural environment. The eyecare professional can compare axial length growth speed to a broad demographic database. Pathologically fast eye growth can be rapidly identified using an easy-to-understand traffic light system. Haag-Streit’s new AMMC framework was designed to set a therapy goal for myopia management. AMMC allows the eyecare professional to observe and assess axial length growth over time and overlay potential treatments. This makes it possible to understand therapy effectiveness rapidly, allowing the eyecare professional to adjust the individual patient’s therapy, as required continuously. AMMC employs a simple traffic light system to judge the current efficiency of the therapy. The therapy is highly efficient if the assessed eye growth rate is located in the “green field” of the AMMC scheme. AMMC also gives the percentage of how much the actual axial eye growth of the patient is in excess of the normative physiological growth. Therefore, even if a patient’s eye remains in the “red field” in the initial treatment periods, the practitioner might still be able to communicate a first therapeutic success based on these percentage numbers.


Eyes On Eyecare

Eyes On Eyecare is launching a brand new four-part virtual series to educate optometrists and ophthalmologists on the practical steps necessary to invest in and grow their dry eye practices. Each year, Eyes On Eyecare produces Eyes On Dry Eye, the largest virtual event dedicated to dry eye disease. Implementation Pathways to Dry Eye Success differs from Eyes On Dry Eye in that each session in the series is focused on application rather than broad clinical lessons. Additionally, each track provides deep learning on a specific topic and assumes a level of intermediate experience with dry eye diagnosis and management.

Features: Held over four sessions throughout the summer, each five-hour session will focus on a specific aspect of dry eye disease (DED) management, including:

  • Series 1: Getting Started With Eyecare Solutions on Saturday, May 20.
  • Series 2: Next Steps With Diagnostics and In-Office Procedures on Friday, June 2.
  • Series 3: Dry Eye Optimization for Lens and Refractive Surgery Patients on Saturday, July 8.
  • Series 4: Advanced Management With Ocular Surface Therapeutics on Saturday, July 22.

Attendees can expect a five to six-hour day per series that includes expert advice from the nation’s top dry eye specialists, representatives from leading dry eye solution providers who can provide technical and product advice as well as business management insights about how to allocate funds for prospective capital expenditures. Eyecare professionals will be able to ask questions to both dry eye specialists and technical experts and will have opportunities to win $500 in raffle prizes in each event.

For more information on each of the four sessions and to register, visit dryeyesuccess.com.