Essilor of America

Essilor of America previewed its latest lens innovation, Crizal Sapphire HR at Vision Expo. The No-Glare coating, which will hit the market in the third quarter of 2022, combines the best Crizal technologies in a single invisible and highly durable coating.

Features: Featuring the same advanced technologies found in previous generations of Crizal Sapphire and with the new addition of High- Resistance Technology, Crizal Sapphire HR’s nanoscopic layers provide an invisible and powerful shield for patients’ eyes, according to Essilor. Crizal Sapphire HR surpasses all previous generations of Crizal and will replace the previous generation, Crizal Sapphire 360 UV. The newly reimagined nanoscopic layer stack in Crizal Sapphire HR combines the finest of Crizal technologies:

  • New High-Resistance Technology: increases resistance against scratches and everyday wear and tear for enhanced lens durability.
  • 360° Multi-Angular Technology: amplifies the anti-reflective efficiency by reducing reflections whatever the light incidence angle on both surfaces of the lens for a visually more transparent lens for both the wearer and observer.
  • High Surface Density Process: Reinforces resistance to smudges and water on both sides of the lens for easier and more optimal cleaning.
  • Protection from harmful UV light: Protects the eyes with a high-level of UV protection in a clear lens (E-SPF35) to offer the most comprehensive daily protection against the invisible and often irreversible danger of UV reflection.

ECPs interested in learning more about Crizal Sapphire HR can contact their Essilor account executive and visit

Hoya Vision Care

Hoya Vision Care announced that Pentax optical lenses, part of its global brand portfolio since 2008, are now available to U.S. vision retailers. The announcement comes as part of Hoya’s global business strategy to expand distribution in key markets and offer greater choice and convenience for retailers. As a globally recognized optical brand with a presence in 26 markets worldwide, Pentax brings significant new options for U.S. retail partners whose customers value choice and affordability in superior lenses.

Features: T Pentax offers a complete portfolio, from single vision and digital lenses to progressive lenses with superior coatings and treatments. This range empowers retailers to provide their customers with higher quality lenses seamlessly across different stages of their lives, adapting to changes in lifestyle and vision demands over time.


With the ADL dome loader, Schneider automates batch coating for the medium-sized and larger lab, a process that used to be strictly manual. It loads, unloads and flips the lenses if both sides of a lens need AR coating. The ninth in a series of 11 new Modulo One product releases within a single year, the ADL is “the ideal companion to the powerful and reliable EBC coating systems,” according to Schneider.

Features: After the smart automation picks up the lens, a camera-based measurement system swiftly detects its orientation. Subsequently, the high-speed robot mounts the lens in a cleverly devised clamping ring to carry it to the coating dome without touching or contaminating its surface. The dome can be easily transferred into the thin film coaters EBC 900 or EBC 1400 where the lenses are vacuum coated. The system’s exact movements make it a reliable solution, available 24/7, for highest efficiency and throughput. Manual handling is reduced to a minimum, preventing contamination as well as human error.