Nexus Digital Surfacing System
Coburn Technologies

Coburn Technologies has launched the Nexus Digital Surfacing System, which leverages the technology in the acclaimed Cobalt Digital Lab to produce high quality digital Rx lenses.

Features: The Nexus Digital surfacing system includes the Nexus DGT Digital Lens Generator and the Nexus DP Digital Lens Polisher. Each system represents a significant upgrade from its predecessor. The system offers 50 percent improvement in productivity along with a new fast tool servo axis consisting of proprietary voice coil and air bearing design. A larger cutter allows for faster material removal. The system also has a larger user interface, illuminated interior and stylized covers. It has accommodation for an integrated chiller and static protection for communication lines with temperature monitoring in electrical cabinets. The system continues to offer the same benefits to the market as its predecessor, the Cobalt System, including a compact footprint paired with cold mist dry cutting technology and automatic calibration. Features also include a precision frameless spindle motor assembly with linear motor y-axis and single point turning technologies as pioneered and invented by Coburn.

Transitions Gen S

The high-performance photochromic Transitions Gen S lens is now available from Shamir in all materials in grey and brown, with more colors coming soon.

Features: Transitions Gen S is the fastest dark lens in the clear to dark photochromic category, according to Shamir. It is fully clear indoors and darkens in seconds outdoors. It is ultra-responsive to light, reaching category three levels of darkness in 25 seconds and fading back in less than two minutes. The Transitions Gen S lens has improved long-lasting photochromic performance over time. Transitions Gen S is now available on all Shamir designs including indexes of 1.5, 1.6, 1.67, 1.74, Trivex and Polycarbonate in grey and brown. Transitions Gen S will be available in eight exclusive colors, through the Gen Style Spectacular Color Palette, including new addition Transitions Gen S Ruby. All colors have been optimized to be true to tone at all times, offering vibrant tints regardless of the light or environment, while being fully clear indoors and beautifully colored outdoors. The lens offers 39 percent faster vision recovery from intense bright lights versus clear lenses. During fade back, there is a 39.5 percent improvement in contrast sensitivity and 40 percent faster vision recovery versus the previous generation. Additionally, it blocks 100 percent of UVA and UVB rays, and filters up to 32 percent of blue violet light in the clear state and up to 85 percent when activated. Transitions will not be available in Autograph II Office.

32°N Adaptive Sunglasses
Deep Optics

32°N adaptive sunglasses from Deep Optics are now available in the U.S.

Features: These unique sunglasses are specifically designed for individuals with presbyopia, which includes everyone over 45, accommodating their need to read outdoors. They are available in a variety of styles. The 32°N features patented dynamic Liquid Crystal lenses that seamlessly transition from sunglasses to reading sunglasses with a simple swipe, eliminating the need to carry two pairs of glasses. With customizable reading prescriptions accessible through the glasses’ app, they can be personalized to meet individual reading needs with a magnification range of 0 to +2.5 diopters. The technology has received the honor of Time’s Best Inventions in 2022 and was shortlisted for the 2023 Dezeen award for product design in consumer design and wearables.

Asensys Filters

The new Asensys filters from Eschenbach are a line of contrast-enhancing eyewear designed to either fit over patients’ prescription glasses or worn alone, and provide all-around protection against the sun and unpleasant glare.

Features: This unique tinted eyewear is available in four colors including yellow, orange, dark orange and red, with cut-off transmissions of 450 nm, 511 nm, 527 nm and 550 nm. The Asensys lenses are distortion-free and made of lightweight CR-39 optical quality material. Each color is available in both polarized and non-polarized versions, giving the patient the option of having a polarized lens to protect the eyes during outdoor activities where the glare may be stronger. The eyewear comes in two frame sizes, XL small and XL large, each of which provides top shield coverage above the eyes and side shields on the temples to maximize the amount of protection from glare coming from different angles.


Satisloh has launched their newest lens cleaning system, the Hydra-Brush-4, in the North American market.

Features:The Hydra-Brush-4 is a fully automated, four-stage system that cleans and dries both sides of more than 200 lenses per hour. Built with a four-stage cleaning process, soft brush cleaning with detergent, city water rinse, DI water rinse and drying, it removes any production related contamination and provides consistent damage-free lens cleaning. The Hydra-Brush-4 has a chainless lens transfer system that prevents chamber cross contamination. The automated lens cleaner also has an innovative tray transfer system that ensures each lens is returned to its original tray, eliminating job ticket transfers, a potential source for errors. Lab staff can easily change the cleaning brush within seconds and the automatic loading and unloading system fits standard conveyor heights.

OAC-90 Fast AR-Coating System

The OptoTech OAC-90 Fast AR-coating system comes with a new ergonomic design.

Features: The reconfigured OAC-90 Fast AR-coating system machine layout offers valuable features including a significant reduction in cycle time and lower costs per lens due to optimized and energy saving pumping and cooling systems. Average throughput rates, door to door, are 28 to 30 minutes. A new versatile dome configuration leads to a maximum load capacity of up to 117 lenses. The new OAC-90 Fast is a versatile solution for fast and highest quality anti-reflective clean coatings as well as in-chamber tinting.