WaveDyn Vision Analyzer
WaveFront Dynamics

The WaveDyn Vision Analyzer, manufactured by WaveFront Dynamics Inc., captures a video of the eye’s dynamic optical system over time, rather than just producing a single measurement.

Features: The WaveDyn Analyzer’s high resolution, dynamic measurement capabilities provide highly accurate objective refractions as well as ocular surface quality and accommodative function analysis. The system provides nine ocular measurements to streamline workflow:

  • Dynamic wavefront aberrometry
  • Objective refraction
  • Dynamic corneal topography
  • Corneal surface irregularity
  • Keratometry
  • Dynamic iris image
  • Pupil dynamics
  • Subjective refraction confirmation
  • Accommodation range measurement

At the core of Wavefront Dynamics’ continued innovation is the Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor, a technology that has long been used in astronomy to improve the image quality of telescopes. WaveFront Dynamics’ founder and CEO, Dan Neal, Ph.D., developed a wide variety of applications for wavefront sensors, including measurement of aero-optic phenomena, the large telescope mirrors used in the James Webb Space Telescope and silicon wafer metrology.

Availability: The WaveDyn Analyzer is available through WaveFront Dynamics Inc.


Abby Contact Lens Ordering Platform
ABB Optical Group

ABB Optical Group has launched new dashboards for its Abby contact lens ordering platform. The release includes a new order status dashboard to monitor and track the shipment of any contact lens purchase and a performance dashboard designed to provide the eyecare provider with insightful reporting and metrics on their practice.

Features: The Order Status Dashboard is designed to help quickly and easily see the status of any order at any time. It allows the practice to see what patients have ordered, view delivery status updates and includes tracking numbers. The Performance Dashboard helps the ECP understand patient purchase behavior, which includes the ability to see contact lens reorder/recapture rates broken down by in-office inventory and patient-initiated orders, as well as insights into their top contact lens products and how adjustments in product pricing and practice discounts and rebates can affect their bottom line. It also allows them to benchmark practice performance against other historical timeframes.


Mimesys Progressive Lens
Horizons Optical

The mimesys ecosystem of technologies creates a progressive lens tailored for each patient, minimizing the harmful effect of lateral aberrations. The user no longer adapts to the progressive lens, but rather the progressive lens adapts to the user, becoming the first actually tailor-made lens that perfectly matches to the user’s gaze dynamics.

Features: The mimesys technologies ecosystem performs an accurate and replicable diagnosis that takes into account all the information collected from the consumer:

  • Gaze dynamics
  • Prescription
  • As worn position data
  • Chosen frame

From the test performed by the mimesys glasses, three maps are obtained. These maps that correspond to the three distances of vision are analyzed to provide the gaze dynamics’ diagnoses. For the creation of the customized solution, the mimesys algorithm uses Morphing, a disruptive technology that is capable of creating infinite solutions to meet the needs of each patient. By applying a user’s mimesys map, Morphing creates a progressive lens from scratch that is fully adapted to the particular user’s way of looking. mimesys is aimed at all of those demanding presbyopes who expect maximum visual quality through precision tools that are intelligible and trustworthy. The mimesys lens has been developed specifically for those who love technology and who are attracted to advanced products that use disruptive technologies.


Reliance Optometry Workplace
Haag-Streit USA

Haag-Streit USA announces the launch of the Reliance Optometry Workplace, a dependable, cost-effective exam lane solution.

Reliance Medical is a leading manufacturer of high-quality exam and procedure chairs, surgical stools and instrument delivery systems. The Reliance SL3 slit lamp has been developed in collaboration between Haag-Streit and a partner with decades of experience in slit lamp development and manufacturing.

Features: The new Reliance Optometry Workplace combines the necessary equipment needed for a classic optometry exam lane, consisting of world-class, proven Reliance and Haag-Streit components, including the:

  • Reliance SL3 slit lamp
  • Haag-Streit AT 870 Goldmann applanation tonometer
  • Reliance 7900 instrument stand
  • Reliance 520 examination chair
  • Reliance 4246 examination stool

The inclusion of the Swiss-made Haag-Streit AT 870 Goldmann applanation tonometer, the gold standard in tonometry, allows IOP measurements to be taken as part of a routine examination while the patient is sitting at the SL3 slit lamp. The Reliance 520 manual pneumatic-assisted tilt-recline examination chair is exceptionally durable. It features a manual recline bar, easily accessible from both sides of the chair, which controls the assisted tilt of the chair up to 40 degrees. The Reliance 7900 IC instrument stand is constructed in state-of-the-art, durable base material, including the same polycarbonate used on supersonic aircraft to resist scrapes, scratches and scuffs. The Reliance 4246 pneumatic-assist lift examination stool has a comfortable 15 inch round seat with an adjustable tilted backrest. American-made, it is beautifully finished in handcrafted black or charcoal upholstery. Horizontal and vertical movement tailor the stool to an ergonomic fit. It has five legs (with hooded dual-wheel casters) to distribute weight evenly and ensure stability. The legs are finished in tough black epoxy enamel.

Availability: The Reliance Optometry Workplace optometry exam lane solution is only available in the USA.


visuSolution All-in-One Measurement Tool

VisuSolution has introduced an updated collection of all-in-one centration measurement tools. The technology is designed to offer easy and secure handling and can take measurements for all frame types. The devices are super lightweight and offer precise determination of all centration data with no slipping.

Features: With the visuReal MASTER, users center in a completely natural environment. With this world first centering system, users have the unique opportunity to simply focus on advising the client. While the client looks in the mirror, the measurement automatically “just happens.” The mirror contains an intelligent system consisting of six HD cameras, which enable a high-precision, extremely realistic 3D evaluation. Discretely and elegantly, the visuReal MASTER quite naturally fits into any shop concept. visuReal Pro turns an iPad into a professional dispensing tool. Its design and performance are concentrated on the essential. The optics attachment, the software app and the measurement tool enable a professional centration procedure on the iPad Mini. The system determines all required centration data within seconds. The software works interactively by assisting users to receive proper measurement images. Arrows on the screen help to find the perfect shot. Its hardware design is compatible with all iPads having 9.7 inch screens. Equipped with a highly precise optics attachment, an iPad cover and cloud-based software, visuReal portable represents compact and high-performance centration. visuReal Premium combines elegant design and individual precise video centration. Its hardware design and software configuration provide various options and features. These products are compatible with common internet browsers. They also work on platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows and Linux. The visuSolution system is adaptable to a desktop PC, notebook, tablet, smartphone and large screen displays varying based on product specifications.