HT-5000 Applanation Tonometer; Huvitz HTG-1 Corneal Topographer
Coburn Technologies

The Huvitz HT-5000 Applanation Tonometer is an easy, fast and convenient device that quickly measures eye pressure.

Features: The Huvitz HT-5000 Applanation Tonometer is the only applanation tonometer on the market that processes IOP calculation virtually in real time, displays results digitally and has a zero-delay wake-up time. Calibration is simple with readings displayed more sensitively to the user’s control. HT-5000 is also designed for the patient and doctor’s comfort, including a slanted display to match the angle of the user’s view for more comfortable observation and a wide grip knob for easier adjustment of measuring prism.

The HTG-1 Full Corneal Topography System is a specialized solution for comprehensive corneal topography analysis, offering the most reliable and precise corneal information.

Features: This high-accuracy corneal data supports diagnosis and monitoring of various corneal conditions, refractive power variations, irregular astigmatism, keratoconus and more. HTG-1 measures the curvature, pupil and corneal aberration data, which are then presented in various maps and graphs. These results are dependable in assessing refractive status and guiding cataract surgery.

iD LifeStyle 4 with 3D Binocular Vision Technology

Hoya Vision Care has launched the iD LifeStyle 4 with 3D Binocular Vision technology, the newest progressive lens in its award-winning iD LifeStyle family.

Features: The addition of 3D Binocular Vision technology delivers faster adaptation thanks to three times less peripheral distortion. iD LifeStyle 4 is 3D Binocular Vision technology, which reduces unwanted prismatic effects in the near-range peripheral vision resulting in more comfortable, stable vision. The binocular design of iD LifeStyle 4 particularly benefits patients with different left and right eye prescriptions by reducing unwanted prism in both horizontal and vertical axes. iD LifeStyle 4 has personalization features and larger blank sizes that facilitate performance in larger frame styles and allows consistency in lens designs between a patient’s clear and sun pair. The three lifestyle-based designs, Indoor, Outdoor, and Urban, allow for personalized designs and will be familiar to Hoya’s customers. iD LifeStyle 4 will be compatible with Hoya’s leading AR portfolio, available in all materials and Sensity photochromics.

OneSpot Cloud-Based Insurance
OneSpot by RevCycle Partners

OneSpot has launched its cloud-based insurance billing software for eyecare practices.

Features: OneSpot is productivity software that simplifies and organizes complex billing tasks, providing an eye- care billing team with a clear view of the insurance side of the business. With OneSpot, the entire billing team now has a centralized digital hub to manage the insurance billing process. OneSpot automates repetitive tasks, providing a complete cloud-based solution to prioritize tasks, monitor aging claims and scrub claims. OneSpot’s centralized hub improves the efficiency of billers and removes the risk of having all billing knowledge and expertise of the practice tied to a single employee. The software puts a laser focus on a practice’s aging claims, providing billers with a systematic way to attack the claim resolution process.