Varilux XR Series

Powered by behavioral artificial intelligence, Varilux XR series is the first eye-responsive progressive lens for instant sharpness in motion. Essilor stated that in today’s modern lifestyle, our eyes are moving 100,000 times a day to process all the visual information we are exposed to.

Features: Varilux XR series wearers benefit from instant sharpness, even in motion, with up to 49 percent more vision volume compared to Varilux X series. In independent third-party tests, 87 percent of consumers, mostly wearing premium progressive lenses, preferred the Varilux XR series to their previous lenses after trying them, with no change in their prescription. Ninety-five percent of wearers adapted to their new lenses on the first day, the company says.

Myopia Management with Spectacles
Myopia Profile

Myopia Profile has launched Myopia Management with Spectacles. The online course is designed to support and accelerate adoption and clinical success of myopia management glasses to deliver treatment to children worldwide.

Features: The two-hour online course features interactive text and image content to provide an engaging and comprehensive learning experience. The course covers all aspects of spectacle lens prescribing for myopia, from first corrections in young children to progressive addition and bifocal lenses through the latest technologies and next generation lenses for myopia control.

Myopia Profile co-founders and Myopia Management with Spectacles developers Dr. Kate Gifford and Dr. Paul Gifford have a combined five decades plus of ocular science experience. They have authored more than 150 peer reviewed and professional publications, and have presented more than 250 conference lectures around the world, primarily on clinical myopia management.

UV-Nano Scratch Resistant Coating
Ultra Optics

Ultra Optics is adding UV-Nano to its product offerings of machinery, spin coatings and ancillary chemical products. This newest solvent-free scratch resistant hard coating is an innovative product incorporating nanotechnology that has been specially prepared for spin coating application.

Features: Some of its salient features of UV-Nano are the following:

  • Adhesion: excellent adhesion across all lens materials, including high index materials.
  • Abrasion: excellent scratch resistance.
  • Tintability: The coating is tintable, despite having high hardness (Bayer) value.
  • Lacquer stability: stable in coating machine for a long period without excessive thickening.
  • Overspray: Unlike most other lacquers, this coating does not overspray.
  • AR compatibility: compatible with many AR stacks.

Using nanotechnology, Ultra Optics has been able to create this coating to provide excellent tintability while maintaining high abrasion resistance. While in the coating machine, this coating has the ability to hold on to a stable viscosity range. Once the UV-Nano is introduced into the coating machine, it can deliver hard coatings in the acceptable coating thickness range week after week for a longer period.

A simple system flush and filter changeover to a lab’s backside spin coating system will be ready for the UV-Nano Scratch Resistant Coating. UV-Nano can work in any of Ultra Optics’ standard coating machines such as the Mini2, MR3, OTB or the fully automated 44R and the latest offering, the fully automated 54R. Additionally, this coating can be used on competitors’ spin coating machines.

CoreTBA All-in-One Block-free Digital Lens Generator

MEI is revolutionizing lens processing with its block-free system. For the first time in history, labs can avoid using tapes, blocks, wax or alloy. This new machine represents a game changer in the industry and a revolution in the lens generation process.

Features: With MEI’s block-free system, labs can avoid using tapes, blocks and wax, or alloy. This means that it’s not necessary to have taping, de-taping, blocking and de-blocking machines in the production line anymore. With its dry cut technology, the CoreTBA doesn’t need a water filtering system and helps you save money and protect the environment. With dry cut technology, the CoreTBA doesn’t need a water filtering system and helps you save money and protect the environment. CoreTBA includes seven essential stages of the lens production process in one single unit, with the smallest footprint on the market. By applying its patent-pending block-free technology, MEI cleaned up everything outside the lens generation process, leaving no more than the core of the process itself.

All processes, from the digital generation, through the engraving, polishing and washing, are integrated into one unit. In order to achieve a short machining cycle, all processes occur in parallel, and every section of the unit is fed by a tray conveyor system and digitally controlled loading arms.

Transitions XTRActive Polarized

Transitions XTRActive Polarized is now available in all Shamir lens designs, such as Shamir’s Attitude III Fashion and Attitude III Sport progressives. Shamir Insight has a new option for glare reduction and convenience in their lens designs catalogue. Transitions XTRActive Polarized lenses are designed for patients who need extra protection in high-glare situations. The unique polarization technology reduces glare outdoors, providing sharper vision, a larger field of view and bright, vivid colors.

Features: Transitions XTRActive provides up to two times faster fadeback than Transitions Vantage lenses. It also offers up to 90 percent polarization efficiency. This lens technology hosts broad-spectrum dyes for more darkness with new ultra-fast dichroic dyes. Nine out of 10 people experience light sensitivity, and one out of three are very light sensitive, demonstrating the need for constant light protection for all and the need for extra protection for many.

Brian O’Neill, PhD, global vice president, innovation, technology and operations, at Transitions Optical says, “This is a key milestone for the company. Building on our experience in polarization technology, we have now engineered the world’s only and best clear to extra dark photochromic polarized lens.”

ErgoProfile Pliers and ErgoProfile Surface
Hilco Vision

Too often, optical technicians have been forced to use tools developed in the jewelry industry. Designed by eyecare professionals for eyecare professionals, ErgoProfile tools from Hilco Vision are manufactured with precision and premium grade materials for optimum performance.

Features: These tools feature co-molded handles for a comfortable anti-slip grip. Each jaw is constructed in a “ready to use position” with finely tuned springs. Magnetic handles provide convenient storage options. Whether it’s at a dispensing station or the back room, the ErgoProfile Surface is a premium work mat that saves tabletops, but adds a premium look to the workspace. Rugged, yet attractive, the Surface helps keep areas organized and is the optimum tool holding option for ErgoProfile hand tools. Available in two sizes and two treatments, it’s also effortless to clean and maintain.

ErgoProfile ensures that even the hardest adjustments are easier. The handle design and precise fabrication of the working end are like no other within optical tools. The co-molded TPE handles have a unique tread that improves grip even if the handle is wet. Magnetic handles offer convenient access, granting maximum visibility in a resting position. The product also features the Hilco ErgoProfile Plier Lifetime warranty.