CoVision 1.74 ASP Stock and Surfaced Rx Lens Series
Shanghai Conant Optics/K-Vision

Shanghai Conant Optics Co. in cooperation with lens developer K-Vision, has released CoVision 1.74, a steeper custom base curve series of aspheric 1.74 index stock and surfaced Rx lenses, developed specifically to provide superior optics, while allowing vastly improved Rx fulfillment capabilities for American, European and standard 4.00-5.00 base curve frame manufacturing protocols.

Features: This special collaboration series uses the Mitsui DoGreen monomer, which has an eco-friendly component derived from responsibly harvested palm oil, and reduces CO2 emissions and generates 14 percent less greenhouse gas emissions than conventional lenses.

Availability:CoVision 1.74 will be sold factory direct to meet the entirety of the high index marketplace with better optics, better curves and better final inspection efficiencies for increased scalability on production lines, according to Shanghai Conant Optics.
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Camber Steady Plus Progressive Lenses

New Camber Steady Plus Progressive from IOT combines a digital freeform backside built on the company’s new proprietary Digital Ray-Path 2 Technology with patented Steady Plus Methodology and a special Camber lens blank created by Younger Optics, to provide what IOT calls “an amazingly comfortable visual experience” for wearers.

Features: Camber Steady Plus Progressive lenses are the most advanced progressive lenses IOT has ever developed, the company says. Patients will experience wide reading zones, improved peripheral vision and “unbeatable” near vision, according to IOT.

In recent wearer trials, 100 percent of wearers report that the near zone is easier to find with Camber Steady Plus Progressive lenses. 88 percent of wearers experience easier adaptation with Camber Steady Plus Progressive lenses. In addition to a standard configuration, Camber Steady Plus Progressive lenses are available in three alternate configurations with an emphasis on distance, intermediate or near vision. Camber Steady Plus Progressive lenses are available at any specified fitting height between 14 and 18 mm. ECPs may use complete personalization parameters including wrap, vertex distance, pantoscopic tilt, individual mono PDs for near and far, and a specified near working distance.

Availablity: Camber Steady Plus Progressive lenses are only available through an exclusive network of wholesale laboratories that have undergone rigorous process validation to ensure they manufacture the highest quality lenses.

HSC Modulo One

HSC Modulo One from Schneider is the first generator that combines the two key machining elements, milling and lathe turning. The two methods perfectly complement each other without negative effects, resulting in a performance increase of more than 50 percent in an even smaller footprint than before.

Features:HSC Modulo One is built on a new kinematic concept facilitating even faster process times. The high-performance generator relies on the proven two-motor concept featuring the most powerful XS-Tec motor for maximum dynamics and highest quality. The proven RS-Tec motor is known for its high robustness and provides added versatility. A new ultra-fast workpiece changer transfers the lenses and facilitates shortest chip to chip times. Ultimately, HSC Modulo One provides significantly increased throughput in an even smaller footprint than before. Benefits include significantly higher throughput (more than 50 percent); drastic savings in investment and space; lowest cost per lens; superior design replication; unsurpassed surface quality; effective swarf management; easy upkeep and maintenance; and supports the cognitive Modulo machine philosophy.