eSight 3

Manufacturer: eSight Corp.

Description: Electronic glasses that help the legally blind see, eSight 3 uses high-tech image processing to provide individuals who are legally blind the opportunity to experience up to 20/20 vision.

Features: eSight 3, the company’s newest generation of hardware, gives users unprecedented control over magnification, contrast, brightness, focus and other features that are important for people with low vision. The electronic glasses contain a proprietary camera that projects adjusted video onto two OLED screens in front of the eyes, in real time. Unlike other assistive devices, eSight can be used while walking and while shifting between tasks and environments, without interruptions in the image that can cause dizziness or discomfort. Because no two people see alike (even with the same diagnosis), eSight ships from the factory with customized personal settings suitable for each user.

As compared to the previous iteration, eSight 3 is dramatically smaller, lighter, better looking and more comfortable for users. Importantly, eSight 3 includes Wi-Fi and HDMI capabilities to stream digital content or even send and receive pictures and videos. eSight recently reduced the list price of eSight 3 from $15,000 to $9,995. The eSight Affordability Program helps interested consumers secure funding for eSight 3, including: discounts for clinical study participation to those who may qualify, low or no-interest payment plans, tax credits, government support programs, corporate job placements, philanthropic donations and a crowdsourcing fundraising platform.
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Cad-Con 1000

Manufacturer: OptiSource International

Description: Cad-Con 1000 treats alloy reclaim tank wastewater by stabilizing lead and cadmium.

Features: Four ounces of Cad-Con 1000 treats 5 gallons of alloy tank wastewater. Cad-Con 1000 can also be used to treat other alloy-contaminated hazardous wastes such as block washer waters, swarf sludge, coolants, polishes and emery.

Availability: 8-pound pails
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3D-Printed Lenses

Manufacturer: Luxexcel

Description: Luxexcel, a Belgian company that develops new applications for 3D printing technology, has developed a technique for printing spectacle lenses.

Features: The company displayed some of its products last month at International Vision Expo in New York, including bifocals, trifocals, prisms, slab-offs and other specialty lenses. The lenses have been tested by COLTS Laboratories and found to be within industry standards. The company will also demonstrate how a 3D printer will integrate within today’s standard workflow and processes like coating, tinting, edging and framing.

Guido Groet, chief commercial officer for Luxexcel, notes that 3D printing allows users to create different lens designs with the power, shape and optical properties each patient requires. “The magic of this technology is to create lenses in your lab, within an hour, starting with a bottle of liquid,” says Groet. “The lenses printed on our machine don’t need any polishing and are ready to be coated. There is no need for blanks, we reduce process steps and provide quality products.” Groet also pointed out that 3D printing makes it possible to integrate sensors, camera filters, LCDs and many other elements into a lens.
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Quality Manufacturing (QM) Edger Series

Manufacturer:National Optronics

Description: This tabletop dry edger, the first in National Optronics’ new Quality Manufacturing (QM) series of edgers, features the engineering and cutting-edge technology used in industrial edgers, but at a price point normally associated with tabletops.

“This is a real breakthrough in all aspects of edging: speed, reliability, quality, accuracy and features,” says Kevin Paddy, director, finishing at National Optronics. “Add the QM-X3’s ability to process complex shapes such as partially shelved lenses as well as its optional variable angle drilling, and you have an edger that bridges the gap between large five-axis edgers and compact three-axis tabletops.”

Features: According to National Optronics, the U.S.-built QM-X3 is 20 to 30 percent faster than other tabletop edgers because of its high-speed linear axis drives and an innovative mechanical design that eliminates unnecessary movements. This new design also improves motion stability, cutting accuracy and tolerance to produce an excellent edge quality. Its tool features a unique dual diamond blade design that drastically increases tool life while substantially lowering the cost per edge.
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EnergizeMe Lenses

Manufacturer: Carl Zeiss Vision

Description: EnergizeMe lenses feature a special design adapted to the vision patterns of contact lens wearers who are used to eye movements rather than head movements when wearing contact lenses.

Features: EnergizeMe lenses offer wide, clear viewing zones and more comfortable vision after contact lens wear, according to Zeiss. This design is combined Zeiss’ Digital Inside Technology, which optimizes the design for reading distances of both print media (at 38 cm) and digital devices (at 35 cm) to avoid further eyestrain. Zeiss adds DuraVision BlueProtect coating to reduce the transmission of harmful blue light emitted from digital screens and artificial lighting, cut glare and prevent digital eyestrain.

Availability: EnergizeMe Single Vision Lenses are for patients in their 20s and early 30s (+ 0.40 D power boost); EnergizeMe Digital Lenses are for patients in their 30s and early 40s (+ 0.65 D power boost), and EnergizeMe Progressive Lenses are for patients age 40 and older (+0.75 to + 4.00 D power boost).
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Bigressive Lens

Manufacturer: Crossbows Optical and Quest Vision Concepts (QVC)

Description: Crossbows Optical, a Signet Armorlite Group Company, and Quest Vision Concepts (QVC) are debuting the Crossbows Custom Bigressive, a free-form no-line bifocal design utilizing QVC’s patented technology. The new lens design boasts no seg line, no image jump and no blend zone or separation of image. It can be fully individually optimized in both the distance and the near visual field, according to Crossbows, which recommends it for emerging presbyopes, frequent users of digital devices and current bifocal wearers.

Features: The Custom Bigressive uses advanced progressive lens technology to create a patented hybrid design. There is a smooth transition from distance to near, as in a progressive, but with the wide fields of view of a bifocal, without any unsightly lines. The reading segment is positioned to allow a seamless transition from distance to near vision without any image jump.

Availability: The Custom Bigressive Hard (top) features a small transition area for maximum viewing zones; the Custom Bigressive Soft (bottom) offers a larger transition area for maximum viewing comfort. All indices are available.
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