3DNA Dispensing Desk

3DNA debuts a new digital dispensing desk and an updated eyewear design app.

Features: 3DNA has introduced a new digital dispensing desk, as well as new v1.9 app features. The new desk format is sleeker and modern, offering a relaxing seated position during eyewear fitting sessions. The dispensing desk features adjustable LED backlit shelving, 50-piece swatch display, illuminated 3D scanning mirror and three 4K touchscreen monitors. One is a 43-inch side-mounted display for advertising, marketing and education content. The second is a 32-inch monitor that gives the ECP full control over the 3DNA design app features. The final is a 27-inch tabletop touch screen that links with the ECP display, enabling the client to see the design session and interact. The new v1.9 app features include a step-by-step guide to creating your own eyewear design that is easy and quick to use. It also has an advanced design mode with full professional features that allows users to fully control shape and material. A self-selecting design feed allows for rapidly try-on designs without customization. Additional features include 100 new color acetate varieties and more than 50 new frame styles. The app also allows users to upload their own frame shapes.



Oculus is debuting the Oculus Easyfield VR, a virtual reality headset that conducts visual field screenings and visual field threshold exams as well as color vision, contrast sensitivity and stereo vision screenings.

Features: The Oculus Easyfield VR is a next generation virtual reality solution for ECPs. SMARTTracker 2 Fixation Tracking technology also ensures reliable reproducible results due to its highly accurate eye tracker monitoring and patient fixation. Practitioners can start and monitor the exam process from a Surface Pro tablet without requiring an internet connection. Easyfield VR shares a common database and Patient Data Management software with Oculus diagnostic devices. The headset design secures around the patient’s head and features audio-guided examinations in English and Spanish, so patients can complete their exams autonomously.



Shamir Spark 4W offers an enhanced experience for both patients and eyecare professionals.

Features: Shamir introduces the Spark 4W, the advanced digital electro-optic measurement system based on sophisticated 3D stereo vision technology and artificial intelligence (AI) elements. Shamir Spark 4W enables eyecare professionals (ECPs) to obtain precise and automatic measurements of their patients’ pupillary distance (PD) in just one click. The new system on the Spark 4W builds on the advanced capabilities of Spark 4. Since it operates on Wi-Fi, the new standalone system can be located anywhere in the store; it carries an integrated CPU. The Shamir Spark 4W also comes with a handy new app, Shamir Spark Remote, which enables ECPs to quickly capture the PD using any mobile device (smartphone, tablet or laptop) and complete the process by filling in the additional parameters once the patient has left the store, providing ECPs with optimal flexibility and ease of use. Designed for uncompromising ophthalmic measurement, the smart new system retains all the benefits of its predecessor. Shamir’s state-of-the-art AI vision algorithm detects and processes 192 facial landmarks provided by the sophisticated camera system, featuring six high-resolution 24-megapixel camera sensors that deliver ultra-sharp images; two active near-infrared cameras that allow an unobstructed view of the patient’s pupils; and four additional color cameras which take crisp images of any eyewear, including sunglasses.


Ocular Surface Analyzer (BOSA) for Dry Eyes
Bruder Healthcare & M&S Technologies

BOSA is an all-in-one device to assess ocular surface disease (OSD) including dry eye.

Features: In only 15 seconds per eye, BOSA captures and provides OSD test results. Based on the patient’s level of disease, BOSA offers clinicians the ability to create customizable treatment plans, which can include their existing dry eye treatment technology, prescribed therapeutics and at-home therapy.

Availability: M&S BOSA is set for delivery in early 2024.