Envision has introduced two new editions of smart glasses to serve the different needs of its users. Aiming to bring innovative assistive technology to people with low vision or blindness, the new editions offer the same hardware and form factor as the original Envision smart glasses but provides a choice of feature sets at a range of price points.

Features: Through its app and smart glasses, Envision gives people the ability to live their daily lives a little more independently, specifically enabling those who are blind or have low vision to read, identify people and objects, and make hands-free video calls to people they trust. Envision makes it possible for those with low vision or blindness to now select a device and feature set that works best for them from a simpler Read Edition that offers a range of features that focus on the need to read and scan text through to a professional edition that offers a complete feature set, including read technology, scanning, camera and video calls, as well as free feature updates and maintenance for the lifetime of the glasses.

Envision’s new product portfolio also brings scalability; Envision is offering its users the flexibility to upgrade its edition when and if the need for additional feature sets occurs. Users will be able to upgrade from a lower edition to a higher edition, from the Read Edition to the Home Edition, and from the Home Edition to the Professional Edition, as well as from the Read Edition to the Professional Edition directly. All upgrades can be done efficiently and securely by purchasing an Upgrade Module from the Envision App or Envision webshop.



Glacier PLUS Metaform gives you exceptional AR protection while providing a light, thin and durable lens even with a strong prescription. The Metaform lens incorporates advanced algorithms to ensure precise and reliable index matching by analyzing every optical and physical property. The lens contains an optical film with high impact resistance that is used in a number of industries including the automobile, aviation and space industries.

Features: The Glacier PLUS Metaform is designed to reduce the pitfalls of standard coatings such as Newton rings and prevents light dispersion and other visual imperfections. The result is a lens that is up to 20 percent thinner and lighter than traditional minus lenses and up to 18 times stronger than FDA requirements. This means improved overall production sustainability with a lens that offers an 80 percent more energy efficient coating process compared to similar products.

Availability: The Shamir Glacier PLUS Metaform is available in 1.6, 1.67, 1.74, Transitions Signature GEN 8 Brown and Grey.


Cascade Optics

Cascade Optics has developed a new tool for preventing lens crazing. Craze Guard is made from proprietary heat-resistant materials, which prevents lens crazing, while keeping the bridge and temples exposed for heating. The Minnesota based company developed a patented optical tool that helps reduce crazing in anti-reflective lenses.

Features: Crazing occurs from overexposing an AR lens to the heat of a hot air frame warmer during adjustments, accounting for a large portion of preventable industry loss. In some instances, the lens is too thick to remove from the frame, or the optician or lab technician may not have the strength to remove the lens. Craze Guard allows you to make the necessary adjustments without the risk of breaking old or valuable frames.

Craze Guard was invented by an optician/lab technician who wanted to create a product that colleagues would benefit from, allowing adjustments to be made without removing the lens. It allows you to complete simple to complex frame adjustments, while allowing users to provide the highest level of customer service for their patients. Craze Guard is made from stretchable fabric sides and flaps. The lens inside Craze Guard stayed at a safe low temp during testing.


Glasses Gripper

Glasses Gripper prevents accidental stab wounds while making repairs to frames. The technology eliminates nearly all accidental scratching of frames or lenses, utilizing a unique non-slip puncture resistant material.

Features: Glasses Gripper is designed by Monica Miller, a former optician, optical manager and bench optician with 30 years of experience. Glasses Gripper sits flush to the counter, causing no obstructions. Current technology, such as using a rubber block, can lead to accidentally catching clothes or banging your hand. Glasses Gripper causes less damage, fewer hand injuries, fewer remakes and faster service.

For retail optical remakes due to accidental scratching of a patient’s lens, the optician spends at least a half hour working with the patient a second time, re-doing start to finish. The estimated cost of her time will be $40 per remake. A retail optical office will save an estimated $800 to $1,000 per year by preventing one damaged lens a month. A wholesale lab will save over $4,000 per year by preventing two damaged lenses a week. For wholesale labs doing 200 jobs a day, that’s $12,000 savings annually.



myze is a behavior-changing eyecare engagement platform purposefully designed to help identify, treat and manage dry eye disease throughout a patient’s dry eye journey. myze simplifies the burden of dry eye management by enabling “always available” screenings followed by easy, seamless access to products, services and education. myze makes treating dry eye easy, affordable and sustainable. For dry eye sufferers, this means no more waiting days or weeks for appointments or facing product overload and decision paralysis at retail locations.

Features: myze partners with ophthalmologists and optometrists so that patients may find immediate and long-term relief for their symptoms and discomfort. Patients using the myze platform will have access to a suite of customized, daily product routines and ongoing support services, curated by the world’s foremost experts on dry eye and other ocular surface diseases. Physicians’ partnering with myze retain revenue from all product sales at no cost to them.

myze offers exclusive product bundles for Ivizia Drops and Optase TTO Wipes.


Hoya Vision Care/WestGroupe

Hoya Vision Care and WestGroupe have launched a new partnership to deliver an all-in-one frame and lens portfolio for complete pairs.

Features: ECPs can order Hoya lenses with WestGroupe frame lines from Hoya laboratories without the need to ship frames in. These packages are designed and priced to help ECPs compete with aggressive pricing from online optical sites with the option to upgrade to premium frames and lenses. Frames from WestGroupe include the Superflex lines, Life Italia, Evatik, Fysh, Fysh Sun, Kliik, OTP and OTP Sun. Hoya lenses include single vision, MySVTM, iD Lifestyle 3, Array 2 and Amplitude BKS, among other designs.

Hoya’s durable anti-reflective coatings, Sensity Family of photochromics and other lens options are also available. Packages use simplified pricing with Superflex and Superflex Kids frames in single vision with options to upgrade to premium Hoya progressive lenses, anti-reflective coatings and premium WestGroupe frame lines. Lenses qualifying for Visionary Alliance ordered in Spectacular Frame and Lens Packages are eligible for Visionary Alliance points for enrolled accounts.

Frames and lenses are backed by Hoya and WestGroupe under their standard policies. There is no need to remove frames from the board. Frame inventories are kept on hand at Hoya laboratories, and orders are delivered, edged and complete for the best possible experience.