Beta IOS App for Mobile Scanning and Tele-Optics
3DNA Technology Ltd

3DNA releases Beta IOS app for mobile 3D face scanning and remote design sessions using Zoom.

Features: Using iPhone models X and newer, and late model iPad Pros, consumers can scan their face and connect to any optician in the 3DNA network for instant or scheduled eyewear fitting and bespoke frame design consultations.

3DNA empowers opticians with technology to offer bespoke experiences and unique personalized eyeglasses. 3DNA updates the process of eyewear selection from passive A/B choosing into a fun, interactive and collaborative experience. Instead of stocking thousands of individual frames, 3DNA enables ECPs with customization technology, based on 3D scanning and 3D eyewear design, to provide custom-tailored premium eyewear from a wide variety of materials.

The IOS app uses the same high-resolution face scanning technology found in 3DNA Kiosks. After scanning, data is immediately uploaded to the cloud, which can then be accessed by opticians in the 3DNA network. The app generates a Zoom conference call, enabling the consumer to instantly interact with opticians using their mobile device or PC. 3DNA eyewear opticians can now extend the reach of their services beyond their local market to expand and grow their business and increase differentiation of service from traditional opticians.

Availability: The IOS app is free, and users can download the link directly from the 3DNA website. The beta IOS scan release coincides with the release of Eyewear Design App v1.9. The Windows app features the following updates to the digital dispensing system:

  • 800 additional acetate swatches from Jinyu plastics factory.
  • Custom shape and material uploader.
  • Automatic generation of social media imagery from design sessions.
  • Community designs: ability to see and share designs across the 3DNA network.

EssilorPRO Customer Portal
Essilor of America

This revamped EssilorPRO customer portal is designed to provide eyecare professionals the tools, information and resources they need to relieve administrative burden and maximize efficiencies.

Features: As part of the revamp, Essilor introduced order status tracking, an advanced system allowing instant access to real-time job status with accompanying features such as virtual customer service that make lens order management seamless and easy for busy practices.

EssilorPRO portal users can now access an easy-to-use dashboard which not only shows real-time order status for jobs at labs on the Essilor Labs of America Optifacts lab management system, but allows users to follow up directly with labs and download shipping documents with the click of a button. Practice owners can also now grant tailored access to staff members, empowering them to access the suite of tools as needed. And users will continue to enjoy the features they know and love, including the ability to track business performance, check loyalty program rewards and quick sign-ups for the latest offers and promotions available through Essilor of America.

Availablity: Eyecare professionals are invited to visit the EssilorPRO website to sign in or sign up for instant access to the new portal features. A video about EssilorPRO can be found on Essilor’s YouTube channel.

Neurolens Measurement Device, Gen 2 (NMD2)
Neurolens and VisionWeb

Ongoing research from a myriad of sources has indicated that at least two out of three patients experience the symptoms of eye misalignment, and the rapid acceleration in remote working and learning over the past two years has undoubtedly led to a rise in this figure. Optical prisms are one of the most commonly employed treatment modalities to correct these binocular vision issues. As such, technological innovations in this space will become increasingly important to the future of eyecare. In order to ensure that eyecare providers are able to meet these growing challenges, Neurolens and VisionWeb have worked together to expand the prism field from 1/4th prism diopter to 1/100th prism diopter when placing orders through VisionWeb’s ordering platform.

Features: This expanded prism range will allow Neurolens providers to take advantage of the highly accurate measurements from the Neurolens Measurement Device (NMD) and Neurolens Measurement Device, Gen 2 (NMD2) and prescribe precise prism measurements for their patients.


EyeQue, a leader in at-home vision testing, is introducing a first-of-its-kind smartphone app called MyReaderNumber that offers AR technology vision testing for presbyopia.

Features: The MyReaderNumber app delivers personalized measurements for both near reading distance and mid-distance (computer use) that are customized based on the user’s age and distance preference. The app can be used to determine the magnification needed for smartphone, reading and computer use which enables the user to purchase over-the-counter (OTC) readers that best fit the individual’s needs, according to EyeQue. Using patent-pending AR-based technology, the user simply captures two distances using their front-facing camera and sees results instantly. Users can then purchase over-the-counter reading glasses through local retailers, online stores and also share the NVadd results with their doctors.

Availablity: The app has a $2.99 one-time download fee on the App Store (iOS only; available for iPhone X and newer) and can be shared with many users at no additional cost using Guest mode. Book a demo at [email protected].

EyeQue’s new MyReaderNumber app is patent pending and registered with the FDA as a class I medical device with 510(k) exemption.

epik N+D4

epik N+D4 Pupil-Optimized Correction is an exclusive technology from GSRx that delivers enhanced contrast and clearer vision at night and in low-light conditions.

Features: Pupil-Optimized Correction uses wavefront exam and patient data analyzed from over a million eyeglass wearers in a unique algorithm that optimizes the lens. N+D4 Night+Day technology does not require specialized equipment to prescribe. The result is enhanced contrast and clearer vision in all lighting conditions for the best vision possible.

“A common complaint from patients is difficulty seeing clearly at night while driving,” explains GSRx CEO David Jochims. “Pupil dilation in low-light conditions can change a patient’s refraction, but standard prescriptions don’t take this change into consideration. Other nighttime driving lenses often have a tradeoff—great night vision, but the clarity of vision during the daylight is affected. And they require expensive equipment to prescribe. N+D4 takes into consideration millions of data points to calculate an optimization which improves overall contrast and clarity in all lighting conditions.”

Availablity: N+D4 technology is available in GSRx’s premium freeform lenses: epik Variable series progressive lenses, Digital Relaxed Vision (DRV) Enhanced Single Vision lenses and SV Ultimate lenses.

Transitions Optical Updated Virtual Try-On
Transitions Optical

Transitions Optical has introduced a new version of the Virtual Try-On (VTO) at that allows users to see themselves in different Transitions lens colors and frame styles in an immersive augmented reality experience. Users can access the updated Transitions VTO from the comfort of their home or while waiting in the practice using desktop, mobile or tablet devices. The updated Transitions VTO features a new interface with exciting capabilities designed to offer users the complete Transitions experience.

Features: Updates allow users to try on Transitions Signature GEN 8 and Transitions XTRActive new generation lenses in all lens colors and style mirrors. Users can choose from an extended selection of frames and access “Tool Tips” to guide first-time users. The new “Get Advice” feature delivers a frame and lens recommendation using face shape recognition and questions about the user. The new version of the Transitions VTO also allows the user to capture a photo of themselves wearing their selected frames and lenses with the lens color presented at different levels of activation.

Availablity: The Transitions VTO is currently available in the U.S. and Canada on Eyecare professionals can direct their patients to to experience the tool.