SpecCheck Practice Management Platform

SpecCheck is launching its new practice management platform with the mission to revolutionize the way patients, doctors and optical labs work and communicate.

Features: SpecCheck’s dashboard serves as an all-in-one platform where ECPs can view and submit lens orders, make payments, live chat with their lab partners and get real-time statuses for all orders, regardless of how they were submitted. SpecCheck is a 100 percent free online dashboard to help eyecare professionals manage their optical business. SpecCheck’s live chat service, which connects ECPs directly to the lab’s customer service team, reduces hold times and allows lab agents to work more efficiently. Conversation history between both parties is stored forever to provide accountability and transparency for both parties. For ECPs that work with labs utilizing SpecCheck’s billing software known as SpecCheck Lab Pay, they can pay their bills using SpecCheck’s secure billing portal. With access to a historical record of their monthly lab statements and payment receipts, the ability to enable and manage their own autopay schedule and digital copies of order invoices at their disposal, SpecCheck Lab Pay simplifies billing.


OptiPLUS Dual Frequency RF Energy Device

OptiPLUS delivers heat across different tissue layers, increasing blood circulation to promote medical performance and aesthetic results.

Features: OptiPLUS is a complementary device to Lumenis’ novel OptiLIGHT, which targets the root cause of dry eye disease. While OptiLIGHT relies on a pioneering light-based technology to break the vicious cycle of dry eye inflammation due to meibomian gland dysfunction, Opti- PLUS is a dedicated device that employs a breakthrough RF energy to enhance clinical results. The FDA-cleared dual-frequency RF technology enables energy penetration to different skin depths, heating the superficial layer to promote collagen formation and stimulate periorbital skin rejuvenation, while also reaching into the deeper tissue to target the meibomian glands.


Biofinity Contact Lenses

CooperVision has expanded support for its full range of Biofinity sphere contact lenses, including Biofinity XR

Features: With this enhancement, Biofinity and Biofinity XR together offer sphere powers from +15.00D to -20.00D and are now available at an equal price and with equal patient rebates across the range. CooperVision Biofinity and Biofinity XR contact lenses feature Aquaform Technology, an innovative material technology that hydrates contact lenses to twice their weight in water for natural wettability and incredible comfort.


Quick Changers EXTRA
Three Rivers Optical

Quick Changers EXTRA is a premium photochromic lens. Quick Changers EXTRA lenses help wearers care for their eyes by blocking 100 percent of damaging UVA and UVB rays, which have much higher energy levels than visible light.

Features: The lenses also offer protection from the blue light in sunlight and light from digital devices that harm the eyes. Quick Changers EXTRA provides even more benefits than Quick Changers II lenses, including activation behind glass and a fade back speed that is almost twice as fast. The lenses are designed to offer virtually identical functionality across all materials with stylish gray and brown color options, and cost 15 percent less than other branded photochromics.