Vuarnet/Maximus Optics

Vuarnet has announced a new partnership with Maximus Optics to offer an exceptional one-piece lens architecture Rx Sport solution, making the company’s prescription program one of the most complete, high performance and top of the range on the market. Born from extensive research, development, manufacturing innovations and testing, Vuarnet presents the Maximus Rx Shield, the first prescription integrated shield. The architecture of the Maximus Rx Shield uses patented Pano Rx technology to create an unmatched panoramic, vertical and peripheral visual experience.

Features: The Vuarnet Rx Maximus Shield features a one-piece lens architecture resulting in elite optical clarity. The fully integrated prescription shield is extremely lightweight, with wide panoramic vertical and peripheral field of vision. It replaces the need for clip-ons and implant systems that have limited prescription ranges, limited progressive options, limited impact and safety standards, limited comfort and overall limited aesthetic appeal.

Availability: The Rx Shield is available in single vision as well as progressive and is currently compatible with 85 percent of prescriptions, with further improvements planned. Thanks to a special formulation, the Vuarnet Maximus Rx shield offers superior protection and visual performance in extreme light and weather conditions, in addition to exceptional comfort due to its very light weight.

The Maximus Rx Shield uses freeform technology and a rotating prism to compensate for high curvature wrap around lens designs, optimizing the visual experience of the wearer. Maximus Rx Shields are bi-injected using a proprietary polycarbonate formula that exceeds all ANSI and EN specifications.

ABB Labs

ABB Unlimited is a new technologically advanced optical lens design product line. As a division of ABB Optical Group, ABB Labs uses industry leading manufacturing technology, and a premier product portfolio to deliver customized solutions to its customers.

Features: The ABB Unlimited line of products are categorized under the Digital Master Series, a proprietary lens series of ABB Optical and are available in PAL (progressive addition lens) and SV (Single Vision) designs today, with plans to expand the design availability in 2023. The ABB Unlimited PAL and Single Vision designs feature innovative enhancements in digital lens personalization.

“We are proud to expand our product offering to include the new ABB Unlimited lenses. They are unlike any proprietary lens designs we have ever launched. The ABB Unlimited PAL and SV designs feature sophisticated personalization and new technology enhancements for today’s modern lifestyle. As an independent lab network, we have the infrastructure and capacity to deliver new proprietary lens products to better support your practice,” says Scott Pearl, SVP and managing director of ABB Labs.

Availability: The Unlimited PAL and Unlimited single vision lens designs are available in all lens materials from standard plastic through 1.74 index in clear and bluDEFENSE, as well most other lens enhancements including polarized and photochromic options.


Go-to-market ready, turnkey offering of the most fashion forward smart glasses available, according to Vuzix. Weighing in at 38 grams, this solution puts the stylish, power-efficient and lightweight smart glasses design within reach of the consumer market.

Features: Advanced waveguide optics combined with micro-LED displays create a crisp, transparent image that delivers key information from your smartphone/watch, hands free. Vuzix is working with world leading consumer electronic technology brands to bring this solution to market.

The glasses are ideal for language translation, closed captioning, messaging, directions and workout status, among many other things. They are prescription-ready with multiple eyewear sizes and an array of component combinations available.

Zeiss ClearView
Zeiss Vision Care

Zeiss ClearView Single Vision lenses incorporate many attributes of complex single vision freeform lens designs into standard single vision lenses as both surfaced and stock lenses. Zeiss ClearView Single Vision lenses are carefully manufactured to achieve the highest optical quality and the clearest vision from the lens center to the periphery while improving overall aesthetics by being very thin and flat.

Features: Three out of four spectacle lens wearers across the globe purchase single vision lenses. The vast majority of these single vision lenses are sold as “stock” lenses, as they offer the advantages of low cost and fast delivery times for both the retailer and the spectacle wearer. However, standard single vision lenses cannot reach the full precision potential of freeform-optimized lenses. Zeiss ClearView lenses are designed to overcome these limitations by offering many of the advantages of freeform-optimized single vision lenses, but with the cost benefit of a standard single vision lens. “Innovation is at the core of the Zeiss brand, and we are transforming the standard single vision lens market by bringing many aspects of freeform lens design to the single vision lens category in both surfaced and stock,” says Jens Boy, president of Zeiss Vision Care North America. “Freeform lens design combined with the ClearForm technology used in Zeiss ClearView Single Vision lenses enables complex lens designs that were previously only possible in surfaced single vision lenses. Zeiss now offers premium quality optics in custom Rx and finished single vision stock lenses, to ensure everyone can experience the benefits of Zeiss optics.”

Zeiss ClearView lenses offer on average, a three times larger zone of excellent clear vision and provide the wearer with more clarity from the lens center to the periphery, according to Zeiss. In addition, the company said that Zeiss ClearView lenses are on average, 49 percent flatter across all prescriptions and up to 16 percent thinner compared to typical spherical single vision lenses.

Availability: Zeiss ClearView lenses are now available in North America.

Eschenbach Optik of America

Handy two-in-one light that can be used as either a desk lamp or flashlight. With a compact design and multiple lighting options, it’s designed for anyone who often needs a little extra light when performing everyday tasks.

Features: When used as a desk lamp, you can choose from three color temperatures; a warm yellow 3200K, a neutral white 4200K and a cool white 6000K. The light has an excellent color rendition index greater than 90 and can be dimmed by pressing and holding the on/off button. To use it as a desk lamp, simply fold-out the lamp head from the side of the handle and stand the lamp on a flat surface (flashlight side down). A rubber grip surrounds the flashlight head to provide extra stability. When the lamp head is folded in, it can be used as a handheld flashlight and can be turned on or off by tapping twice on the touch control on/off button.

The Magno Travel Lamp comes with a USB cable for recharging and features a red charging indicator light which will turn off once the power is at full capacity.; [email protected]; (800) 487-5389

CooperVision Specialty EyeCare

The latest episodes in the company’s popular Myopia Minute video series are timed with the 20th anniversary of Paragon CRT contact lenses. The new four-part installment is led by Maria Liu, OD, PhD, MPH, MBA, FAAO, founder and chief of the Myopia Control Clinic at the University of California, Berkeley. Each video segment aims to boost eyecare practitioner (ECP) confidence by providing helpful consultation and practice management tips.

Features: The new videos, which were filmed at CooperVision’s state-of-the-art Education & Training Center in Gilbert, Ariz., focus on fitting and prescribing Paragon CRT 5mm Optic Zone Diameter (OZD). Topics include general tips for fitting Paragon CRT 5mm OZD, identifying ideal candidates and indications for use. Paragon CRT and CRT Dual Axis (Paflufocon D) gas permeable contact lenses for overnight wear are indicated for the temporary reduction of myopic refractive error in non-disease eyes up to 6.00 diopters with <1.75 diopters of astigmatism.

Dr. Liu has performed multiple studies in her own clinic on Paragon CRT 5mm OZD. Her most recent poster, which was co-authored with Liandra Jung, OD, “Comparing 5mm and 6mm Back Optic Zone Diameter (BOZD) in Orthokeratology Lens Design,” was presented at the Global Specialty Lens Symposium (GSLS) in January 2022, where it won first place.

“This series of videos will highlight real case experiences of patients who have been fit in Paragon CRT 5mm OZD lenses,” says Dr. Liu. “ECPs will get a first-hand, behind-the-scenes look on how and when to fit Paragon CRT 5mm OZD, hopefully giving them the confidence to go out and do so in their own practices.”

The most recent videos and past episodes are available on CooperVision’s website.