Glacier Expression & Updated Autograph Intelligence

Following years of research, studies and tests, Shamir is introducing two products designed for today’s tech-oriented world: Glacier Expression and the latest update to Autograph Intelligence progressive lenses. Glacier Expression, especially when coupled with Autograph Intelligence, effectively removes communication-focused impediments to our relationships, according to Shamir. Many of us are now working and connecting through a digital space, a shift that has opened new lines of communication and collaboration but may make it difficult to build emotional connections with others. Shamir recognizes the importance of this connection as a foundation for our virtual relationships and a primary component of building trust and empathy. The company points out that the increase in our digital screen use, accompanied by changes in lighting resulting in increased screen reflections and glare, may cause us to disconnect from others.

Features: Shamir addresses these problems with Glacier Expression, a high quality anti-reflective coating with an outstanding signal to noise ratio that allows wearers to look better, see better, feel better and connect better, according to Shamir. Case studies have shown that eyecare professionals who tried Shamir’s Glacier Expression lenses saw a dramatic difference in clarity compared to other AR coatings. With this new formula, not only are wearers able to see clearer but they’ll be able to build connections with minimal distraction of glares from light or digital devices and other visual background noise.

Features and benefits of Glacier Expression:

  • High quality, scratch resistance and outstanding glare reduction formula.
  • Look better: improved aesthetics and reduces up to 70 percent more reflection than leading AR coatings.
  • See better: improved contrast sensitivity and light transmittance for the clearest, sharpest possible vision.
  • Feel better: enjoy comfortable vision with minimized visual background noise using signal to noise technology built into the AR coating.

Additionally, Shamir has updated Autograph Intelligence, one of their flagship lens designs. After further research since the initial launch of Autograph Intelligence in 2018, Shamir has gathered more data and findings to improve the performance and capabilities of this progressive lens design that evolves with the wearer’s visual age to adapt to everyday visual tasks involving smartphones, tablets, computer screens and laptops. The award-winning design offers advanced personalization using artificial intelligence, resulting in a progressive lens that adapts to the wearer’s visual age while keeping up with their visual needs.

TechShield Anti-Reflective Coatings
VSP Optics

As part of VSP Optics’ ongoing commitment to provide eyecare professionals with innovative, high-quality products, TechShield AR Coatings now offer patients greater clarity, scratch resistance, smudge resistance and cleanability.

Features: “The new TechShield AR portfolio is the latest example of our continued investment and commitment to deliver advanced high-performing products to eyecare professionals,” says Randy Dannewitz, senior vice president of strategic development for VSP Optics. “It’s an attractive, easy-to-understand, easy-to-dispense offering to help patients see and look their best.” In a streamlined portfolio, TechShield, TechShield Plus, TechShield Elite and TechShield Blue offer patients the best performing TechShield AR Coatings ever with 2X better cleanability, 2X better scratch resistance, excellent visual clarity and attractive cosmetic appearance, available blue light defense and optional backside UV coating, the company said.

Available: The TechShield AR portfolio is available on all lens brands and materials unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer. They are also backed by a two-year warranty against scratching, peeling and crazing under normal use.

TechShield AR Coatings can be ordered from VSPOne Technology Centers and through authorized Unity distributor labs.

CCU Modulo One

A versatile auto blocker that covers virtually all of a lab’s blocking requirements at the highest speed.

Features: With CCU Modulo One, Schneider introduces the only auto blocker with automated block size exchange for unprecedented efficiency in blocking. With the added flexibility, a common problem is solved: inefficient block size distribution and poor machine utilization. Now, any lab can meet a wider range of blocking requirements with a smaller number of machines.


  • Unmatched throughput and uptime.
  • Highest machine utilization.
  • Fully-automated block size exchange.
  • Maximum flexibility—three to six block sizes.
  • Drastic reduction of non-productive times.
  • Consistent high-quality precision blocking.
  • Very little material consumption.
  • Highest efficiency and yield.