Oculenz AR/XR Headset
Ocutrx Technologies

Oculenz is engineered to enhance visual clarity for individuals living with advanced macular degeneration (AMD).

Features: The AR/XR headset is designed to be lightweight and user friendly. It enhances vision by overlaying high-contrast, pixel-manipulated images onto the user’s remaining viable field of view. Designed for functionality and mobility, the OcuLenz headset allows users to move freely and perform everyday tasks while wearing it. Its power comes from a Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 processor, which guarantees speed, efficiency and reliability. Additionally, with Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity, OcuLenz doubles as a versatile connectivity tool akin to a computer, tablet or smartphone. By shifting pixels from the impaired central vision area to the more effective peripheral vision, OcuLenz compensates for the central vision loss characteristic of AMD. Its high-end optical engine delivers 2.5K resolution per eye and boasts a wide field of view—60 degrees horizontally, 40 degrees vertically and 72 degrees diagonally—significantly surpassing the capabilities of typical AR headsets. This seamless integration of virtual and real-world elements creates a fully immersive and practical visual experience for the user.

Availability: OcuLenz is set for commercial release in the first half of 2024.


Eyedration Moist Heat Eye Mask
Bruder Healthcare

Eyedration is a convenient, on-the-go single use moist heat eye mask for patients suffering from dry, tired eyes.

Features: The mask, which begins heating once opened and exposed to the air, generates therapeutic moist heat to help maintain tear production. Eyedration is sold in a convenient 10-mask pouch.

Availability: Ordering is open now for eyecare professionals at bruder.com/pro and patients at bruder.com.



OrCam Read 3
OrCam Technologies

The OrCam Read 3 is an AI-driven all-in-one solution for people with low vision and visual impairments.

Features: Designed to empower individual reading journeys and promote accessibility, the OrCam Read 3 can magnify text and images, and transform text into speech at home or on the go. Users can simply point the device at a book, computer screen, product packaging or any text, and the AI technology will loudly and clearly read the text aloud or through earphones. It even supports 17 different languages. The package includes the OrCam Read 3 device with a comprehensive suite of features, next-generation magnifier, a specially designed stand and a speaker.