Digital Ray-Path 2 from IOT works in synergy with nature by harnessing the innate power of the human eye to create advanced lens designs. In addition to mathematically compensating for oblique aberrations, Digital Ray-Path 2 adds the intelligent use of the wearer’s accommodation: the small power adjustments the eyes naturally make to view objects at different distances.

Features: According to IOT co-founder and co-head of research and development, Dr. Jose Alonso, “The relationship between eye accommodation, the accommodative object space and compensated power has long been understood. Until now, lens calculation technology has not been sophisticated enough to create free-form digital lenses that take full advantage of this knowledge. With Digital Ray-Path 2, we are finally able to create personalized lenses that harness the accommodative power of the human eye as part of the calculation. This allows us to focus on elements of aberration that the eye does not naturally correct for. The result is lens designs with dramatically reduced areas of peripheral blur.”

Digital Ray-Path 2 is a patent-pending technology, only available from IOT. The lens designs that utilize Digital Ray-Path 2 will help eyecare professionals differentiate their businesses by giving them access to the latest advancements from IOT. Patient benefits of this new technology include drastically reduced oblique aberrations across the entire visual field, greater comfort and impeccable visual quality.

Availability: Digital Ray-Path 2 is now available in IOT Endless single vision and IOT Endless Plus antifatigue lenses. Additional lens designs featuring Digital Ray-Path 2 will be available soon, IOT says.

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A proprietary app that enables opticians to precisely measure patients, either in store or at home and ensure an exact fit of their eyeglasses. Every touchpoint that one would expect to receive in the optical dispensary is delivered in person or virtually by opticians to their patients, according to Topology, which has soft launched in a few U.S. markets and is gearing up for a nationwide launch this month.

Features: The Touchless Optical Platform provides a complete and comprehensive optical experience to patients, virtually or when physically present in an eyecare practice. When combined with an optician’s know-how, TOP allows the practice to generate online sales and service patients remotely when necessary (lost or damaged glasses when traveling). It is designed for practices that wish to expand their frame offering without additional capital costs, raise levels of patient service and convenience, create individualized marketing programs driving incremental multi-pair revenue and integrate a tele-optical program.

Close-up: Today, with increased awareness of social distancing combined with the need for constant and copious in-office cleaning and disinfecting, industry professionals and patients alike are searching for ways to enhance convenience and improve efficiencies without compromising service levels. Using state-of-the-art 3D digital technology, currently found on an iPad or iPhone, patients can be scanned in an optical dispensary as part of the pre-test exam process or remotely from their home. The scan takes less than one minute to complete. A full facial scan of over 20,000 reference points creates a digital mesh of each patients’ facial features, providing the optical staff everything needed to flawlessly fit stock frames and take all the optical measurements, even for the most complex prescriptions.

Topology’s TOP platform provides several unique benefits:

  • The app preselects only frames in the user’s digital stock catalogue that will fit the patient’s facial features (i.e., bridge size and shape, width of the head and temple length). This eliminates significant time during the try-on and disinfecting process.
  • Each stock frame is digitally placed exactly how it will fit in real life on the patient’s face.
  • Each time a different frame is selected, the TOP software adjusts all critical optical measurements to 1/100th of a millimeter, virtually in real time and specifically to each individual frame’s 3D position of wear. This includes monocular near and far PDs, OC heights, frame wrap, tilt, vertex distance and more. All optical measurements are provided for the lens manufacturing lab of choice.
  • Once the final frame is selected, the app provides all the necessary frame adjustments, taking into account the base curve of the final Rx so the lab technician or optician can complete final adjustments without the patient being physically present. Topology recommends this for direct to home delivery or curbside pickup.

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