20/20: Can you tell us more about how the partnership with Barbour and Tura began?
Kristen McLaughlin: Barbour is a globally licensed brand under Inspecs, and the U.S. stands as the newest market to embrace its eyewear collection. The partnership between Barbour and Tura was a natural fit, driven by a shared commitment to quality, functionality and distinctive British styling. Tura’s meticulous design heritage complements Barbour’s values, creating a seamless alignment with an iconic brand that evokes passion and emotion. Barbour, with its rich history and attention to detail, provided the perfect canvas for Tura to translate into captivating eyewear elements.

What sets the Barbour eyewear collection apart from other brands in Tura's portfolio?
The Barbour eyewear collection stands out within Tura’s portfolio for its unique blend of outdoor lifestyle and urban sophistication. Distinguished by a modern heritage with a “rurban” edge, Barbour eyewear embodies sustainability through plant-based acetate, mirroring the brand’s commitment to being environmentally conscious. The thoughtful integration of signature details, from equestrian strap hardware and buckle details to quilted temple patterns inspired by Barbour jackets, sets this collection apart. The use of memory metal bridges enhances both flexibility and durability, reflecting Barbour’s fashionable and functional brand code. With modern shapes and colors reflecting the beauty of the outdoors, Barbour eyewear seamlessly transitions from the countryside to the city.

For someone who is new to the Barbour brand, can you explain to them the ethos and design details associated with this label?
Established in 1894 in South Shields, United Kingdom, Barbour, rooted in adventure and country living, is renowned for its iconic waxed cotton jackets, distinctive tartan linings and iconic prints. The brand embodies wit, grit and glamour, showcasing classic and timeless style with a modern twist. More recently, Barbour has introduced collaborations with renowned brands and designers, expanding its appeal to a broader audience. From British royals to fashion royalty, Barbour’s timeless influence prevails.

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