20/20: How important is the launch of Botaniq to the Tura portfolio of brands?
Kristen McLaughlin: Each brand expresses a unique design language, targeting a different consumer while aligning with its unique brand identity. Our commitment to sustainable product, packaging and manufacturing process is an ongoing mission, integrating sustainable packaging across our entire portfolio and with the introduction in early 2021 with the Ted Baker Bio Collection, a small but growing bio-acetate assortment. Tura is now fully embracing cleaner manufacturing and materials with the launch of Botaniq, our exclusive earth-friendly brand, while maintaining our design-centric integrity. You’d never know that it’s sustainable because it’s so rich in design.

What sets Botaniq apart from other eco-conscious brands on the market?
Botaniq follows in the spirit of Tura’s “More is More” design ethos. It was of utmost importance to create a style-centric, fashion-savvy collection “first” to appeal to those who appreciate attention to design detail especially featured in our custom laminations. Also, the rich, expressive colors were made possible with our “Natura” bio-acetate material, which is not common in other bio-acetates that tend to be more understated. Tura has partnered with ONE TREE PLANTED, an organization that plants trees in more than 12 states across North America, restoring forests destroyed by California wildfires and repairing damage caused by industries tapping into resources. Tura donates a tree for each Botaniq frame sold.

Can you give us more specifics about the types of materials used to create Botaniq frames?
Botaniq has chosen “Natura,” a bio-acetate made up of 50 percent natural contents, and the beauty is that it comes in many colors and textures, unlike other bio-acetates. And it can be treated, heated and adjusted in the same manner as traditional acetate. Natura is made with wood pulp, vegetable polymers and cotton fibers with the environmental benefit of biodegrading within 120 days when properly composted. The natural wood used in our collection is harvested from ISO-certified forests and have the FSC seal which stands for Forest Stewardship Council, a member organization that sets standards: They confirm that the wood was taken from a responsibly managed forest. Our natural wood is treated with a rich range of colors and styles, and it’s pesticide-free. Some of our models are adjustable up to 90 degrees and features sleek temples with reinforced wood lamination that offers strength, functionality and style.

Our stainless steel is recycled and offers lightweight comfort and such a sharp design contrast to the warmth of wood temples. And… cork! Along with being naturally flexible and strong, cork is one of the most sustainable materials. No trees are harmed in the harvesting process. Only the bark is used. Once the bark is stripped from the tree, the tree absorbs more carbon dioxide, which promotes quicker growth.

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