20/20: Can you give us a little more background on the Superdry brand as a whole?
Jennifer Coppel: Superdry is a British fashion brand known for its eclectic blend of contemporary street fashion and sophisticated tailoring, creating a unique urban-sporty style. The brand places a high importance on quality materials and detailed craftsmanship in its clothing and accessories. It appeals to those seeking to express their individuality with bold colors and timeless designs, with a focus on comfort in its offerings like hoodies, joggers, and sneakers, and now optical eyewear.

What are some specific design details from the brand that you can see throughout the eyewear collection?
Superdry ignites the fashion world with its vibrant designs and street-savvy athleisure style. The brand's signature style shines through in its bold color choices and graphic prints, and its iconic logo is brought to life in our eyewear collection with eye-catching enamel details and a standout logo pattern on transparent materials whereby the bold colors of the heritage logo pattern burst as light shines through. The brand's eyewear is also a bold tribute to Superdry’s colorful spirit, with stunning colorblocking that brings the glasses to life. The overall result is its athleisure-vibe with outstanding color pops, a mix of patterns and sporty accents that ties the eyewear to the Superdry brand sure to make a statement wherever you go!

What sets Superdry apart from other brands in the Tura portfolio?
Superdry brings a new dimension to our portfolio with its innovative blend of athleisure fashion that blends street style and sporty spirit. Our portfolio already boasts sporty brands and styles that cater to the active lifestyle, and fashion brands that exude style and glamour, but Superdry offers a fusion of both. Each piece from the collection is elevated to an art form with the intricate details and layering in its designs, increasing its distinction. Not only does Superdry strengthen our sustainable product offering; our new collection fills a gap in Tura’s brand portfolio with athleisure style, but also within the industry as almost no other eyewear brands fuse urban fashion and sport references so seamlessly. The styling answers the customer’s demand for bolder colors and elevated details at an attainable price point.

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