20/20: How does the O'Neill brand stand apart from the other brands in Tura's portfolio? 
Jennifer Coppel: O’Neill is Tura’s first brand inspired by a sporty outdoor lifestyle. The collection clearly stands out in the men’s category with down to earth classic shapes, colors and design elements taken from adventures on the water, slope and street. The collection’s relaxed California vibe bodes well with the new balance of work and play. The collection is packed with functional features including texturized temples that provide a secure and comfortable fit, and natural wood element for a relaxed style; details one would expect from higher-end sport brands with a higher cost. The overall easygoing style attracts a wide range of ages from tweens to mature adults. 

What do you hope the O'Neill collection brings to your customers? 
With three design themes, customers will be able to select styles that best complement their patients’ personal style with an assortment offering colorful pops of color or wood inspired design from nature’s trails. O’Neill eyewear bodes well with combining features to complement the wearer’s active lifestyle, classic style, and desire for comfort and function.

Can you tell us more about the design details seen throughout the O'Neill collection?
The collection’s design is inspired by three themes: Ocean with hues of blues, teals and greens paired with wavy textures and fluid sculpted temples; Mountain with neutral earthy colors paired with genuine wood inlays, wood-textured acetate; and Sport with bold pop colors and performance details in rubber accented temples and tips. The wearer will have various styles to choose from with classic, stylish-bold or streamlined-modern shapes and can choose between stainless steel or acetate styles. Function, style, comfort and fit is what the O’Neill eyewear wearer will enjoy!

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