Jillian Urcelay: What technology and design details can be seen throughout the new collection?
Jason Wehlage: The new collection really plays on frame construction using of variety of materials—whether combining acetate and wood, aluminum with stainless steel, and titanium with acetate. The goal was to create styles that have depth and dimension in wearable eye shapes. The use of aluminum as an accent provides sculpted contours when paired with flat stainless steel (styles Contiguam and Zenith for instance), and uniquely structured acetates serve as a backdrop when combined with a custom laser pattern on the surface (style Quark).

How would you describe the Jhane Barnes customer?
Styled and streamlined; architecturally minded while pursuing unique design; into their gadgets and tech; appreciative of how objects feel, fit and make their lives better.

What direction is the brand taking in the future in terms of design?
Jhane Barnes is a brand always looking toward the future rather than back to the past, continuing to develop unique construction methods, capitalizing on new manufacturing capabilities and stand alone as a collection designed for men.

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