As you’ll no doubt note by the cover feature “Guy Glasses,” the partnership feature of Modern Man and the ever-insightful column by Art Director Iris Johnson, this issue is all about the guys in our eyewear lives.

And as also noted by Iris, our on-face shoot this month was enhanced by three terrific men with a diverse range to their demographic, fit and look spectrum. To be sure, there was specific eyewear that looked extra special on each model as we did our fitting process, but may I reinforce that the actual eyewear took on a variety of dimensional and detailing characteristics that often varied in a great way with each of the alternative faces.

I’m here certainly raving about our guys but must lay down equal gratitude for the incredible eyewear sourced from a variety of vendors in both of our features.

Men’s eyewear and sunwear is sizzling. The look of it, the style of it, the colorations and its seemingly innate ability to resource the classic frames of the past while reaching for the freshest attitudes of modern design make men’s eyewear the definitive go-to for parameters on how to accommodate so many consumers.

On receiving this month’s amazing photograph of Roy Orbison taken by photog extraordinaire Alec Byrne, I noticed the sunglass worn by Orbison had some distinct design characteristics taking it beyond what might be called the current and standard “Wayfarer” profile. There’s a near CatEye sweep to the outer extremes of the frame front, and the top line profile has a definite double-wave curve to its demeanor. It definitely softens Orbison’s gaze. And the lighter tint of the actual lens gives a much clearer look into this man’s heart and soul.

I once ran into Orbison during a delayed stopover at the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport. I didn’t want to disturb his contemplative state but was surprised by his diminutive stature. His intensity though was at full charge based on his all-in-black attire and his signature shades. It defined his look and attitude.

As we got up for our flight he looked at me, came over and greeted me. “Don’t be afraid. I’m thrilled you recognized me. I’m grateful to every fan I have.” He complimented my jacket, a Schott Perfecto motorcycle jacket. To me, he defined his being a modern man with classic taste and style… and the coolest shades EVER.

James J. Spina
jspin[email protected]