Photographed by NED MATURA 

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MODO 475 from Modo

COCO SONG Happy Vibes from Poets Eyewear

ROXY 3016 from Mondottica USA

CINZIA 5155 from Europa Eyewear

MANDRAGORE from Lafont

DIOR MissDiorO 831 from Thelios

Collaboration is often a pleasant key to success. With that sense of partnership, we reached out to some of our valued supporters for their take on what will be on offer brightening your future. So, here’s what to expect for this new opti-season. Although marked by their individual approaches to eyewear and sunwear, the six pairs of glasses pictured here literally define a great range of styles, colors, shapes and materials. Perhaps you might consider this a pictorial trade show of sorts inviting you to see your way through 2023 with a sense of confidence via fresh eyewear and renewed energy.

–James J. Spina