By Jillian Urcelay

JU: How was the concept of Funoogles born?
JD: Funoogles is the brainchild of my youngest daughter, Ella-Jane. Ella-Jane was born with a congenital cataract and has been wearing glasses since she was in preschool. After she had gone in for her yearly eye exam, we filled her new frames. She wanted to swap the sides of her new and old frames, and create something that was her own. We tried to find something like that on the market, and when we couldn’t, we decided to start Funoogles!

Can you explain how your product works?
Funoogles is sold as a starter pack and starts with a clear base in one of three shapes, each with spring hinges. You then can choose one full clip, one brow clip and two pairs of temples giving you a variety of looks. Funoogles gives customers the ability to add frame clips and temples to their collection over time. Once you have the clear base, align the frame clip and snap it into place. Next, align the temples and click them into place. With a few easy snaps, you can change the color of your frames to suit your mood and style.

What is the design inspiration behind the glasses?
Children are the sole inspiration behind Funoogles’ glasses. Our tagline for Funoogles is #frameyourworld. We strive to provide fun, colorful and affordable glasses that give children the creative freedom to wear something they feel good about.

Funoogles also offers a sunglass clip—why is it important for children to view sunglasses as a necessity and not simply an accessory?
Sunglasses are important for children because they protect the skin around the eye and the eye itself from harmful UV rays. UV light over time has harmful effects on eyelids, cornea, lens and retina. Funoogles offers a sunglass clip for $20.00 retail, turning prescription glasses into prescription sunglasses that are both fashionable and affordable. 

Lastly, what tips can you give retailers working with children?
Let children have a say. Guide them for proper size and fit, but let them ultimately pick out what they want. They will be more likely to wear them if you do. Funoogles can be a great compromise for children and parents. Since our starter pack comes with different color options for frame fronts and temples, everyone can leave happy! ■