The Med-eMonitor System, a new interactive "smart pillbox," was developed by InforMedix to address the problem of noncompliance among patients with chronic conditions and the elderly.

The technology alerts patients with a musical chime when the patient should take their medication, reminds the patient how to take it, and records the date and time when the pill drawer is opened. The system also asks questions about the patient's health. If a patient misses a dose or takes the wrong medication, the technology sends an alert message by email, text message, or fax to a call center or loved one. Critical alerts, such as signs of impending stroke or elevated blood sugar levels, are flagged for the call center staff within minutes.

InforMedix is retailing its Med-eMonitor System through a new program with Southern Pharmacy Cooperative (SPC) that will initially involve two of its participating independent pharmacies. The technology will be utilized to enhance the medication adherence of selected customers, such as those who require chronic care and take multiple medications. InforMedix will ship the units to customers and provide promotional materials to the independent pharmacies and their pharmacists. The pharmacists will market and sell the Med-eMonitor to retail pharmacy customers. excelleRx, a company that offers medication consultation and pharmaceutical distribution services for elderly, chronic care, and hospice populations, will provide monitoring, drug interaction risk analysis, and medication management support to customers. Upon successful commercialization through the first two pharmacies, SPC will make the Med-eMonitor System available to each of its member pharmacies.