Photographed by Ned Matura
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Spring Ahead

Nothing says fresh better than green, be it partially or fully in command of the frame.

From top: LEZ from Kirk & Kirk; KOALI 20007K from Morel; SI BY HELIUM 1013 from Match Eyewear

Hail to Pale

The clear to cloudy tones of crystal, yellow and off-white are also a rich part of eyewear’s ongoing heritage. In various degrees, all so well honored and represented here.

From right: PORTER from Todd Rogers Eyewear; Club Level Designs 9213 from SD Eyes; PARADOX 5028 from Aspex Eyewear; OTTO from Leisure Society; ADELAIDE from Barton Perreira; PRODESIGN DENMARK 4745-1 from Design Eyewear Group

Lens Make a Deal

The rimless and semi-rimless aesthetic fixates in comfort within this spirit of Independent Eyewear. Part of it has to do with the fact that no designer or lifestyle branding is bulking up the delicate duty of the frame.

From top: DIVA 5474 from Eastern States Eyewear; TOTALLY RIMLESS Brilliant 251 from The McGee Group

Make that a Double

Nearly Spartan in its structural statement, the double brow bar as delivered in modernist metal and zen-like zyl.

From left: NEUBAU EYEWEAR Edmund from Silhouette; BJORN from Moscot

Size Matters

In its element, the status of super-sizing is always a powerful consideration with go-to Indy brands.

From right: LE GRAND Elan 3716 from Avalon Eyewear; JUSTICE from Spy Optic; EVATIK 9147 from WestGroupe; HAGGAR 269 from i-dealoptics; B.M.E.C. Big Curve from Modern Optical International

Fit to Be Tried

The independent focus on fit makes for a sense of simplicity, sometimes belying the actual wealth of details within the structure of the frame.

From top: SEVENTY ONE Heidelberg from A&A Optical; KONISHI 5833 from Clariti Eyewear; JASMILA 2531 from Bevel Specs; OGI 9232 from Ogi Eyewear; OCEAN RIDGE from Costa

Full Details

If the interest is there, make a point of detail. As example, look at this Blake logo and the crosshatch on the frame front. And let’s not forget one of the designer’s favorite new ventures: the light-catching texture on the top of the frame face.

MOCKER from Blake Kuwahara

Eye Red That

Just a few short years ago, reddish and pinkish tones seemed doomed to a no-show status but with an eye to the past, the roses are in bloom again.

From top: MARIE CLAIRE 6220 from New York Eye; VALERIANE from Lafont; SCOTT HARRIS 500 from Europa International

The Heritage of Havana

Working well on virtually any face, isn’t it appropriate that Independent Eyewear rules the realm of tortoise?

From top: GEEK EYEWEAR Watson from LBI Eyewear; POLAROID D315 from Safilo; CONTOUR from Wiley X Eyewear; MODO 4410 from Modo; ROBERT MARC 872 from Robert Marc