Photographed By Ned Matura

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Even the Fade Swings a Mighty Club

Eyewear’s hottest hue is totally YOU when it comes to preserving optical’s traditions AND forging new directions in color, drama and face art. And the legion of 20/20 SocialEYEzing followers agreed. When this frame was posted on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, the “likes” and “comments” and “shares” went off the chart in record numbers.

GUESS 2383 from Viva International Group

A Sporting Life

Don’t try to compete with Kaenon by getting all “fashionista.” These dudes have a mile-high sense of style, and when it comes to any club, they master it.

600 SERIES 650.2 from Kaenon

Full Circle

So… Have you heard the rumor about men’s frames coming around and looking SPECtacular on women? And… while we are at it: HELLO G-STAR!

G-STAR RAW 2102 from Marchon Eyewear

Club Chair

Initially you might think: Ernest Hemingway?! What does… STOP. It’s perfect and this clubman style reinforces the literary and literal he-man connotation exactly. Put this Hemingway on YOUR Needing List.

ERNEST HEMINGWAY H4650 from New York Eye


Rarely does one think of metal as “soft” but this blushing flat-cut silver frame front dreams totally feminine, and the white inner secret adds to the engaging quality.

BRENDEL 902131 from Tura

Another Way to JOIN the Club

Colored brow + Crystal lower rims = Please take a Brow…. Fully in Zyl. (P.S. Temples in metal fulfill the combo-nature of this studied eyewear style).

AXIOM 6604 from ProDesign Denmark

Cloudy Daze

Crystal gets brushed and deluxed with a hint of mint. Green tones, once a no-no in frames, are poised to pull up even with the rich hues of purple and plum as women’s favorite opti-eye shadows. Noting makeup trends, it makes sense.

MICHAEL STARS Iconic Stylist from Signature Eyewear

Hero Worship

We’ve come to refer to it as the “Clark Kent” shape… and… in classic Havana, it is literally Superman’s frame of choice.

KLIIK DENMARK 500 from WestGroupe

Color My Word

Leave it to Lafont to embrace the brow trend with a total dual-color story completely in rich, textured zyl. Voilà!

MADAME from Lafont

Browed Heritage

Yes. As any clever penguin would notice: This truly is the Season-of-the-Brow. Chill with it… and… check out that checkerboard temple treatment as Penguin’s added accent to the overall look.

ORIGINAL PENGUIN “The Snapster” from Kenmark Group