Photographed by Ned Matura

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A Beta World

Bevel’s Louis J. L. Fullagar: “The Bevel beta-flex hinge allows for a solid temple design in either titanium or acetate while also allowing some flex in the fit. Being a one-piece design, it cannot break as opposed to the many parts in any spring-type hinge.”

BEVEL Titanium 8647 Ira from Bevel Specs

Making a Case for Encasing

Mold the zyl completely around the metal. COMPLETELY. Dimension, lightness and color combine quite rightly.

CALVIN KLEIN COLLECTION 7893 from Marchon Eyewear

Make it Mylon

Look at it. Touch it. You know it is unique. You know it is unique to Mykita. You want it.

MYLON Pelot from Mykita

Facing the Flats

From top: SANFORD HUTTON Futura II 982 from Colors in Optics; MENIZZI 3019 from Menizzi Eyewear; VERA WANG 305 from Kenmark Group

Inner Beauty and Duty

From left: L’WREN SCOTT 331007 from Eastern States Eyewear; ANNE KLEIN 5002 from Altair Eyewear; AMELIA from Spy Optic

Found Jewels

Eyewear’s classic face front fusers take a turn for the best, functioning as a jeweled point of attention amidst delicate scrolling.

REEDITION Gilda from Lafont

Carbon-fibre Optics

From left: CHESTERFIELD 22XL from Sàfilo USA; FLOAT MILAN 2721 from Match Eyewear

Hidden Treasures

Tech doesn’t always have to be loud and in your face. Discreetly hide a screw and yet afford it jewel-like precision. Mission (very) accomplished.

SCOTT HARRIS Vintage 25 from Europa International


Using an iconic geometric (spring) design intrinsic to solving numerous tech parameters, this “hinge” solves all sorts of complicated eyewear fit details in a totally unique and uncomplicated manner.

MONOQOOL Helix from Studio Optyx


From top: OGA 7027O from Morel; ANDREAS from ic! berlin

The Perfect “Foil”

Harking back to the texture and tone of tortoise foiling traditions, there is a new wave of metal magic that does the same stylish job in magnificent metal renditions that are equally delicate, FAR MORE durable and intensely artistic.

HERITAGE 3504 from Ogi Eyewear

Bridging the Gap

Combo zyl/metal frame designs put the best material to work in the best area of the frame. And, as here, the solution is often staggeringly good-looking.

GANT RUGGER Calvert from Viva International Group


From left: LINE ART XL2019 from Charmant Group; CAVIAR 1746 from Ultra Palm Optical

Travel Right... Travel Light

Study this picture. It’s taken from above the eyewear. Witness the hinge, the color, the texture AND the geometry of the movement (borrowed in part from the brand’s lofty, luggage heritage.) Suspend disbelief and take flight right here.

TUMI 105 from Base Curve/A Luxury Division of Rem Eyewear

The Lotus Position

Quite possibly one of 20/20’s favorite hinge solutions… sans-screw, renewed and forever respected. An honored meeting of elegance and design.

LOTUS R604 from Tura

Gripping from Ear to Ear

From left: PRADA VPS 53D from Luxottica; COLUMBIA Hensley Lake from L’Amy America; MAXIMUM TOTALLY RIMLESS 183 from The McGee Group

Heavenly Temples

From left: TEKA 417 from Teka Eyewear; ACTIVIST 10.01 from Activist Eyewear

Talkin’ ‘bout Re-generation

From top: ECO Riga from Modo Eyewear; ZENSE 7627 from ProDesign Denmark