Still life Photographed by NED MATURA

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Eyewear takes a stand on style with a classic in its heritage, as the aviator double brow bar configuration soars to new heights, dominating a new season of inspired energy. Here Lacoste fills any wearer with its take on a speckled Havana tone.

LACOSTE 936S From Marchon Eyewear

White Hot

White metal makes such a dramatic and confident spec statement.

CAROLINA from Teka Eyewear

Green… with Envy

The new season’s cash color is indeed green and Modo “crystalizes” that direction with a clever temple-to-front metal override detail for forward-facing interest.

ECO Dena from Modo

Modo and Eco are EYEVOTE WINNERS

The Bar is Full

So many ways to interpret and then reinterpret the classic eyewear element of a double brow bar, and here the style is “championed” by a clever delete of the top brow and a refined “fill-in” effort all to great effect.

CHAMPION C Life Vice from L’Amy America

Champion C Life is an EYEVOTE WINNER

Loud and Clear

Be brave. Be bold. Be simple… yet soaring.

CREMIEUX Tom from A&A Optical

Determined by Detail

With deft white and purple layers of color accenting the front corners, a definite element of surprise is added to this perfect Havana preppy style.

HUGS from Ogi Eyewear

Wink! Wink!

Morel knows that a smoked crystal brow detail can add just the right amount of warmth to the rich green hue dominating this eyewear. We definitely see this ode to British Racing Green as a hot coloration for the upcoming year.

KOALI 20084K from Morel

Exotic Elements

The Varvatos brand valiantly continues in its quest to make minimalistic yet enriching tweaks to eyewear styles wrapped in classic touches of John’s personal style. The twisted metal on this aviator style’s brow bar and temples is a perfect example of that attention to favored details.

JOHN VARVATOS 550 from De Rigo Rem

Chain Reaction

With a circle shape literally in awe and a jeweled chain accessory at the ready, the final sweep of opti-magic comes via a daring splash of pink coloring.

KU DAMM from ic! berlin

Show Me the Money

And… What color is that money in this New Year? Green dear. Dayglow green here in the sun lens as it adds drama to the dayglow-like blue and white of the frame’s colors.

FROGSKINS from Oakley


KATE SPADE NEW YORK Preslee/G/S from Safilo

kate spade new york is an EYEVOTE WINNER

From top: WAGON WHEEL from Etnia Barcelona; RIP CURL Baja from SD Eyes; WATERWOMAN 2 from Costa

From top: SPX 1601 from Silhouette; MAUI JIM 2217 from Maui Jim; GIORGIO VALMASSOI 980 from Thema – A Family Factory; L.G.R Mascara from Villa Eyewear


GAVOTTE from Lafont

From top: RAY-BAN 6465 from Luxottica; TRINA TURK Harlow from The McGee Group; CINZIA 5119 from Europa Eyewear; TED BAKER 509 from Tura


Tura and Ted Baker are EYEVOTE WINNERS

From top: CHLOGAN 9101 from Chlogan Eyewear; FYSH 3665 from WestGroupe

From top: SANFORD HUTTON Executive C1127 from Colors in Optics; PARADIGM 20-62 from Kenmark Eyewear; COCO AND BREEZY Believe from ESE Eyewear

JUPITER from l.a.Eyeworks

From top: BEBE 5189 from Altair Eyewear; MONCLER 5098 from Marcolin; LEON MAX 4086 from Zyloware; ERNEST HEMINGWAY 4855 from New York Eye

Welcome to a New Year filled with opportunities you likely never knew existed.

It is a fresh start of sorts laced with challenges but braced by a sense of hope and vision unprecedented in all of our lives.

And right here on faces filled with hope and fortitude, may we take you on an eye-filled tour of the eyewear and sunwear that will see those you serve through to a new and better tomorrow.

This isn’t about what one foresees in a far distant future.

This is what we bravely-yet-brashly assert is in that near future where together we create a new normal glowing on all of our personal and professional lives.

These are the specs and speculations for all of our tomorrows. On these feature pages of eyewear on faces and in beautiful still photography all devised by the team at 20/20, may we all come together with maximum OPTImism.

With foresight THIS is what 20/20 sees for 2021.

–James J. Spina

In taking this refreshing photo feature step into the near future of eyewear, 20/20 is proud to present special highlights of your readership choices in both eyewear and sunwear categories from our annual 20/20 and Vision Monday EyeVote Readers’ Choice Awards as fully annotated in this issue’s Upfront opener story. –The Editors of 20/20