Photographed by Neil Francis Dawson

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Moncler lets us into its inner circle with a round and retro sunglass that righteously emits both minimalism and extravagance while maintaining a luxurious spirit.

MONCLER MRS MONCLER 0005 from Marcolin USA

Crystal Empire

Delicate sparkle details enhance and catch the light on this brashly lucid CatEye sun.

FYSH UK 2017 from WestGroupe

50 Shades of Shamballa

With an ingenious central bridge hinging system, Shamballa re-invents fit via a curve-wrapping shape that hugs the face. This truly reveres the sands of timeless on sunwear.

EVERMORE from Shamballa Eyewear

Smoke on the Water...

… Fire in her eyes. Luxury befitting a (Mc)Queen.

ALEXANDER McQUEEN 0015S from Kering Eyewear

Magical Mystery Tones

Gothic jewelry detailing offers brilliant metallic highlights and powerful texture messages as Lafont has yet a new “Voila!” moment.

VANNES from Lafont

Hanging a Round a (Double Brow) Bar

Take a few classic sunwear trends and Fendi for Your Self (Esteem).

FENDI 0221/S from Safilo

Acres of Shade

With the soft caramel tempering these boldest-of-bold square-shaped statements, Modo goes on the Lam with stunning effect.

DEREK LAM Anita from Modo

The Lite Flight Stuff

A basic aviator takes on a new flight pattern with deft touches to the bridge, the relationship of the frame to the lenses and the outer edges of the wire.

ORIGINAL PENGUIN “The Craig Sun” from Kenmark

Round as a Plum

Cue up a deep purple. Circle round the fire and… stare at THIS sun. It is the dramatic statement of luxury on face for this year.

MONCLER Mrs Moncler 0005 from Marcolin USA

Flat and Matte... and... There Goes Todd

Take a whiff of Havana, buff it up good and steep it in a flattering flat top for a spirited, independent statement.

DAVIS from Todd Rogers Eyewear

Gold Record Winner

John Varvatos never fails to see the rock star attitude of sunwear, glowing from the “round” of endless applause.

JOHN VARVATOS V517 from De Rigo Rem