In celebration of World Sight Day this month, a group of leading global vision organizations have launched the #LoveYourEyes campaign, encouraging one million people around the world to get their eyes checked onesight is among this group, partnering with the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness and other vision care supporters who are committed to bringing vision care access to the 1.1 billion people worldwide who need it.

OneSight has committed to executing 25,000 eye exams and vision screenings through vision clinics, sustainable vision centers and activities connecting thousands of people around the world to vision access and education leading up to World Sight Day on Oct. 14. “Over 1 billion people around the world lack access to vision care. This outage can hold individuals back from education, employment and the ability to achieve their full potential,” says K-T Overbey, president and executive director, OneSight. “But eye exams and glasses act as powerful tools that can play a significant role in helping lift people out of poverty. To support the #LoveYourEyes campaign, OneSight is launching an integrated global initiative that will bring vision care to people all around the world. Everyone can help support this mission for both short and long-term impact by donating time, skills or even just making a financial contribution.” OneSight is hosting a series of glo-bal vision activities and vision programs to educate local communities on the im-portance of eye health and vision care in-cluding vision clinics in multiple cities, vision screenings at the United Nations headquarters in NYC, the #ShareTheLove social media campaign, the Framing the Future children’s campaign partnering with Nickelodeon and much more. Join the action and look for a detailed listing of activities at

—Christine Yeh