Photographed by JR DELIA

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There’s a new Guy in town and… G-Whiz… He’s a Star in the blink of an Eye.

G-STAR RAW 2601 FAT TACOMA from Marchon Eyewear

Great Speckled Bird

It’s all about that simple, roundish, soft shape accented by a wise-as-an-owl bridge.

JEAN RENO BY CENDRINE O. 1356 from Zig Eyewear

That’s ICE!

Venturing out more than a few steps beyond the current rage of crystal, Penguin clouds the coloration and then does a finishing burnish for added style and richness.

ORIGINAL PENGUIN “The Gus” from Kenmark Group

Flat Mates

That distinctive and unique flatline brow makes a blunt (and blue) statement for eyewear, defining its role with attitude and strength. Ogi LIVES in this state of mind.

EVO-TEC 4815 from Ogi Eyewear

Formula ONE

No one does Euro vision for color, materials and style better than Lafont, and here the brand’s taste for a bit of motorsport comes through via these carbon fiber stems.

MANET from Lafont

I’m OK… You’re UK

The tailored British Invasion continues with a “graham” of green seasoning on this smart look that brings attention to fine details without a hint of harsh screams or extremes.

ROBERT GRAHAM Tyler from Revolution Eyewear

British Accent

Hmmm... THAT’s different... a slight hint of Brit music invasion with this eccentrically brilliant Manfred Mann-ish statement. Totally Royal and every bit Majestic.

WILLIAM MORRIS Black Label 020 from Classique Eyewear

Baby, It’s BOLD in Here

This empowered eyewear statement tracks a path of brave stylemaker leadership for a classic couture men’s brand. Yves would be proud.


Cazal. Wrote. The. Book.

… on dramatic men’s eyewear. Cazal was now way-back-when, and Cazal is NOW… RIGHT NOW. Tomorrow? This eyewear is big enough to cover that base as well.

CAZAL LEGENDS 650 from Eastern States Eyewear & Ultra Palm Optical

Remember Colorforms?!

Craft the best shape possible, and then make it make a powerful statement on a man’s face by pushing the color option to pure (blue) genius.

SANFORD HUTTON Stutz CS119 from Colors in Optics