Photographed by RAUL TOVAR

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Well Prepped

The P3 continues its search to fulfill the needs of virtually every face and face shape. In a sun style, it is simply and universally FANtastic.

NAUTICA 6248S from Marchon Eyewear


It likely never left but in this new age of bold men’s eyewear, black frames double up on impact and go the extra distance with a rich shine.

UNIQUEDESIGNMILANO 20 from Villa Eyewear

Trip to Havana

Man’s best friend: Tortoise (with black temples to add subtle drama).

EVATIK 9221 from WestGroupe


Crystal has long been an eyewear mainstay and the clear tone makes it incredibly face (and vision) friendly.

BOSS HUGO BOSS 1353/U from Safilo

Blue Moon

This 3D print creation tells the color and texture centric story men find most timely.

3D LAB Sigma from Modo

Metal Machine

Brushed to perfection, this flat metal speaks to the elemental form of super sun specs.

CHAMPION 6006 from L’Amy America

Full Flight

The aviator at its top altitude of style and class.

MONCLER 0216-D from Marcolin


… with a smoked crystal identity that fulfills an air of confidence and casual opulence.

BRICKELL 4081 from Silhouette


Considered one of the most exclusive exotic woods in the world, Teka takes you on a spectacular journey with Wenge.

TEKA 174 from Teka Eyewear

Hey Guys…
It’s a brave new world out there.
Get ready for a new way to look and…
A new way to look in your new glasses.
Ditch the sweats. Wave goodbye to your garden grunge.
Pick your eyewear colors and shapes and style
With a renewed infusion of confidence.
Your world was likely shaken but it’s time to stir your way back.
Stay virtual in some comfortable sense but…
Get real.
And get some real great eyewear.

–James J. Spina