Environmental sustainability continues to be an increasing priority for consumers and manufacturers alike. While the concept is still relatively new in the optical market, we’re seeing a promising outlook with a growing number of companies implementing sustainable materials for frames and lenses, and bringing more sustainable practices to the eyewear industry. With this expanding availability of sustainably manufactured frames that offer the premium design, quality and comfort of traditional frames, consumers now have a multitude of options in doing their part to join the commitment to social responsibility. We checked in with eyecare professionals on their sustainability outlook with 20/20’s Environmental Sustainability Survey 2022 conducted by Jobson Optical Research.

–Christine Yeh

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This study was conducted in February 2020, November 2021 and August 2022 by Jobson Optical Research. 350 independent ECPs participated in this study in February 2020, 288 independent ECPs participated in November 2021, and 174 independent ECPs participated in August 2022. Respondents were offered a chance to win an amazon.com gift card for their participation.

–Jennifer Waller,
Director of Research & Business Analytics