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This is the season's Hot Spot. A bold and bracing move where eyewear meets the face in a cool new way.

AMERICAN OPTICAL Oxford from Europa Eyewear

Flat’s All Folks

Moonlight white does everything in its power to add chic shape to this glam sun spec.

JACQUES DURAND Quai Jean Jaures from Gramercy Eyewear

Isn’t it Marble-ous

Black to gray to white… the new wave of colorations.

FYSH 2073 from WestGroupe

The Greatness of… Gray

Simply, the standard of taste for gentlemen and their respected specs.

HACKETT LONDON 1262 from Mondottica USA

What’s (Slight) White Now

Thin shocks of white and gold on this dramatic black zyl bring layers of interest to a pillowed CatEye.

YALEA Marion from De Rigo Rem

Head of the Class

Classic goes metallic and slim with a seemingly quiet preppy that makes its point via distinct details.

ORIGINAL PENGUIN “The Perkins” from Kenmark Eyewear

Shield Meet Again

Hello sport fans. Who better than Beckham to bring a flair of sport to fashionable new heights?!

VICTORIA BECKHAM 643S from Marchon Eyewear

The New Generation of Black Tortoise

Not a hint of brown or Havana tones in this dramatic and ongoing trend for the swirls of tortoise.

LOEWE 40079U from Thelios

A Rose Is a Rose Is a…

Gold lathered on to crystal gray makes this Red Rose an enchantment on what it means to be simultaneously bold yet minimal.

RED ROSE Farfalla from OGI Eyewear

Nothing challenges eyewear better than the drama of Black & White portraits.
Details abound.
Size in both extremes matters.
Textures are defined by shadows and light.
Shapes deliver resounding messages.
Eyewear and sunwear “face” the challenge.
It might be said that the Ultimate Accessory
stands most proud in the contrast of Black and White.
Feast on this well-chosen bevy as 20/20 notes… It’s Good to See You Again.

–James J. Spina