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And Herrera you go with a dramatic return to signature logos focusing on impact and a renewed sensation of brand pride.

CAROLINA HERRERA 0001/S from Safilo

Blue Blood

Preppies are happiest lately going rounder, and this blue crystal makes that statement quite clearly.


A Wing and a Stare

Can’t stop looking at this! Within crystal scattered gold swirls intersect with delicate black striations and all brought to eyewear focus via wild CatEye wingtips.

COWGIRL from l.a.Eyeworks

File Under Classic AND Modern

A topper of Havana evolves to lower rims feasting on multicolored striations.

HEINS from Gotti Switzerland

In the Thick of It

Matsuda charts a new course for both eyewear and its own personality with this sudden surge of lavish thick zyl. Everyone will be green with envy.

MATSUDA 1028 from Matsuda

A Crystal Ball

The new task of clear matted to color as defined by Lafont. See the future faced right here.

JODIE from Lafont

Honey… I’m Home

Caramel stemmed by tortoise easily delivers the ultimate in delicious independent luxury.

TUCKER from Barton Perreira

Widow Maker

Dramatic black zyl eyewear is back, but the added accent here is some powerful pink spider web strikes.

O-SIX Audry from Thema – A Family Factory

The Queen of Color

So well known for her artful color sense, designer Nicole Miller infuses a riot of rainbow equal to the stylish sense of this frame’s shape.

NICOLE MILLER RESORT Santorini from L’Amy America

Bass-ic Blues

Take a chic flattened aviator shape, and give it wings with a stunning flight of crystal blue.

RANDY JACKSON X152 from Zyloware

The trends and colors have never been more obvious.
The styles have never been more confident and emboldened.
Eyewear is deep in venerating its powerful heritage and its stance on staring into the future with leadership.
You must be here.
You must step up and gaze afar.
Seize the crystals, the caramels, the striations.
Seek the new paths ventured by the endless varieties of tortoise, blues and gloss.
This is eyewear face-ready to move ONWARD into YOUR Future.

–James J. Spina