I’m going to be as completely direct as possible in this opening pep talk for our annual 20/20 Sport Eyewear issue.

You need sport eyewear. This is your game, and you need to embrace every aspect of the importance of sport specific eyewear as it relates to performance, competition specific lenses and frames, and that critical aspect of safety provided by the right eyewear. So many of you get all of this and go to great lengths delivering the exactly right specs consumer athletes need to pursue their active dreams, but as I animate this ongoing challenge, many ECPs still think the specific of sport vision is not something they can handle or deliver. For whatever reason, they feel it’s more than OK to give up this opportunity to big box sports stores, mass market retailers and the numerous and increasing venues of online delivery. And that’s just plain and simply… wrong.

This game of sport specs is your game. By virtue of the tech involved, the safety required and the product so specifically available to you, sport eyewear and the message of enhanced competitive vision is custom made for you as a total eyecare and eyewear pro. So we are taking dramatic action focused on helping you up your game.

First up… four full pages (pp. 58 to 61) devoted to the critical aspect of safety and its relationship to sports vision. This Sports Eye Injuries & Protective Sports Eyewear study was conducted by Jobson Research in conjunction with the International Sports Vision Association (ISVA) and Zyloware Eyewear. As clearly noted in its introduction, the purpose of the survey was to understand ECP experiences in treating sports-related eye injuries and to gauge their knowledge and attitudes about sports protective eyewear, along with factors that influence decisions to recommend sports protective eyewear to patients.

Our own annual Jobson Research Sport Eyewear MarketPulse Survey is also proudly featured in order to help you position your part in the ongoing quest to understand how the optical market views the present and future of sport eyewear.

And our final cheerleading is the delivery of the actual eyewear options at hand as photographed by still life master Ned Matura. We love romanticizing eyewear, and nothing deserves object love more than the specs of sport. The eyewear featured is indeed bold and bodacious. Sport glasses impact every aspect of all eyewear. It out fashions fashion. Its tech tops every version of technical achievements in both frames and lenses. It colors with a dazzle and degree you cannot ignore.

Please… give sport a swing. It will leave you breathless with excitement, and it will do the same for those you serve with vison solutions.

James J. Spina
[email protected]