It’s official; Germans love Rudy Project. In an annual nationwide poll recently conducted by Germany’s leading cycling publication, Tour Magazine, Rudy Project ranked tops as the most preferred eyewear by German cyclists for the third straight year.

Pictured in their Rudy Projects are Linus Gerdemann of Team MILRAM sporting the Noyz frames and Actyum helmet; and famed German cyclist Erik Zabel in the Skymajor with Toni Martin in the Genetyk at the 2009 Tour de France.

“We are very proud to be Germany’s number-one choice for eyewear because, being a culture so rooted in its engineering heritage and prestige, Germans are making a statement that reinforces the fact that Rudy Project makes the best, most advanced sports eyewear in the world,” says Paul Craig, president and co-founder of Rudy Project North America. “We’re being chosen above all else in the land of BMW, Mercedes and some of the most sought-after musical instruments, technological devises and mechanical components.”   

—Jackie Micucci