Searching for eyewear that will stop you in your tracks? This from FABULOUS FANNY’S offoptical style takes bold to the next level. In honor of its 30th anniversary, the company has reimagined six unique frames that creatively captivate wearers. This design blends a pair of round and square frames, and is available in an array of colorways including black, crystal, dark tortoise and blonde. Recreating classic drawings from master artisans of the past, Fabulous Fanny’s goal is to make the classics even better with modern colors and designs. Inspired by the eyewear ’60s star Twiggy once wore, the brand was compelled to make their own version. Perfect for making a definitive style statement, this daring design is 20/20’s Frame of the Month.

–Jillian Urcelay

OOPS! from Fabulous Fanny’s

20/20 Take: Taking bold to the next level, this asymmetrical style combines a round and square frame for an adventurous look.