Photographed by Stephen Mark Sullivan

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Golden Opportunity

The ultimate man’s mix of elemental greatness.

RUBICON from Jonathan Cate


The semi-rimless look surges anew.

DUCKS UNLIMITED Quasar from The McGee Group

Two Strokes… You’re IN

An iconic brand hits the road in powerful muted metal.

HARLEY DAVIDSON 0775 from Marcolin

I C ultra-innovation

With its ever-so-subtle dual eye rim and the most artistic top brow in sight, this eyewear gently demands acknowledged attention.

TRIANGULARITY from ic! berlin

The Costa’s Clear

Let me clear this up.

FOREST REEF from Costa

Coffee Bar

The ever-trending double brow bar comes to a smart, smaller shape in a coffee/crystal tone. A perfect brew.

MODO 7007 from Modo

Perforation Perfection

Thema owns this look making it a daring Modern Man Date.

O-SIX Woody from Thema – A Family Factory

Suitably Subtle

Modern at its most “dress right” minimal.

GANT 3169 from Marcolin

Sun is my Co-Pilot

The forever-alternative to an aviator, this pilot plays it lean and quietly matte in its metal appeal.

DUCKS UNLIMITED Milepost from The McGee Group

In Your Face/On Your Face

Dual bold in its bar treatment with an equally distinct take on tortoise.

DIESEL 5255 from Marcolin

Sun Prep

Classy-yet-cool on any given sunny afternoon. Such a pleasant look for an otherwise determined guy.

DEREK LAM Loraine from Modo

Wise “O” Owl

Round comes around for men stronger than ever.

BROOKLYN from Lafont