It is an honor sharing this month’s column page with James DeMatteis, the new publisher of 20/20. We have worked together for years now in his capacity as a sales rep for the magazine, and he annotates that history with us wonderfully in his publisher note. SO wonderful, in fact, that I’ve already told him to prepare for ongoing note missives as he evolves in his new gig. And you should also feel free to connect with him in your reader role. Consider us the James Gang (although I call him Jimmy D) of notorious responsiveness when it comes to shaping the exciting prospects of every facet of 20/20 as an honored communication hot spot within this Opti-Sphere.

And the rest of my scribing here gets limited since I want to share some covers from 2022 having to do with YOUR annual choices via EyeVote, our annual Readers’ Choice Awards, well worth a deep read on the opening page of this issue’s Upfront section.

EyeVote is your chance to honor a full array of those players making an impact on what you do in your specific ECP role. And our team is ever eager to be a vital part of the decisions you make with your favored entities.

Toward that tally, I urge you to note the numerous times your chosen partners in optical readiness have been featured in our edit pages, on our growing agenda of digital missives every day and virtually every second via our website and social media.

I’ve narrowed it down to just covers focusing on some of this year’s EyeVote winners, but as you can clearly see, we and you are on the same path. I’m voting for YOU as we move into and through a great New Year. Here’s to YOUR 20/20 perfect vision.

James J. Spina
[email protected]