You’ll never find me apologizing over any effusiveness when it comes to annotating the eyewear and sunwear highlighted in 20/20. Our edit team is very careful in decerning what will be presented in our variety of features both in print and online since even at the max of eyewear show-focused issues and multiple eblasts every week, the main purpose is enhancing our reader’s experience of products fulfilling the needs and wants of their patients and consumers.

That said, by its very nature the language of setting style parameters demands a crafted degree of elevated excitement. As a writer, you step a bit outside of your self-regard and into a dramatic mode tweaked to have a memorable impact. A point needs to be made. A higher parameter needs to be set. Qualities need to be amped so the impression will last. And that elusive element of style is always elevated in the presence of powerful… style.

With that stage hopefully set, allow me to get deeply personal with you on this issue and the eyewear being presented. What you are going to experience with the women’s eyeglasses and sunwear on our most plentiful number of pages in these last few challenging years is likely the most positive sign of determination and design within our opti-sphere in recent memory. At the photo shoots involved in these last few weeks, I was staggered by bursts of energy and creativity and quality with the spectacles chosen and photographed. Despite ever increasing layers of disruption on the production side of creating, eyewear manufacturers have gleaned answers and solutions focused specifically on your benefit when it comes to fitting the best eyewear possible at all price points and with a mindset built on moving forward and strengthening our common goal of the best in vision and vision care. Such was the trending leadership built on this issue’s eyewear that I felt confident backing off to just short headline tips in order to let the eyewear speak for itself.

And… the specs did so, proudly and with a modern air we can communally gape at so gratefully. The setup of a February issue devoted to women’s eyewear therefore makes perfect sense as we head into new eyewear debut presentations. This issue is faced full of eyewear ready and ever-so-stylishly willing to partner up with dedication to this task of delivering the best in vision care. Take a look so you can deliver that look and outlook.

James J. Spina
[email protected]