From homes. From apartments. A basement. Bedrooms. Dens. A garage. The covers you see here are the issues delivered from remote locations within this past year. I’ve never been as proud of anything as accomplished in my publishing career. In print and on into digital with e-blasts and in all social media, these nine covers valiantly represent 20/20.

And as we struggled with content and photos and editing via email and Zoom meetings, there is something I’ve never called out with direct attention. Our magazine is always graced by mastheads on two separate Contents pages. Go ahead. Take a look. This January issue has a 20/20 editorial masthead on page 8 and a Jobson Optical Group masthead on page 14.

It is a combined list of about 40 names. These star players work in their own devised way creating 20/20 very month, every week, every day… and virtually every second. Please.PLEASE… Give these names a read, and join me as I salute them as they journey into 2021 and beyond for and with YOU.  

–James J. Spina