Each season, sunwear tests the limits on how daring and different it can be. And every time we discover there are absolutely no restrictions. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, sunwear is THE ultimate accessory. With these inspiring and luxurious sun styles, there’s something for everyone looking to up their style game with frames filled with fashion, fun and technology all wrapped in one.

–Victoria Garcia

Photographed by Neil Francis Dawson
Still life photography by Ned Matura

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It’s not just the shield. It’s what “The Shield” does with other iconic eyewear and sunwear keynotes.

RAG & BONE 1008/S from Safilo

Butterfly Catcher

A shape that signals soft yet angular. Posen, the answer as usual.

ZAC POSEN Vanina from Kenmark Eyewear

Eye Dare You

Being different makes a difference. Love when sunwear causes a style revolution. (As here with some groundbreaking use of colorblocking.)

CALVIN KLEIN 205W39NYC 1852S from Marchon Eyewear

To Clip But Not To Clip

The sunglass that “looks” like a sun clip declared affirmatively as a trendsetting style institution.

MONCLER 0045 from Marcolin

From left: REEBOK 9004 from FGX International; VINYL FACTORY Scabbia from Mad Vision; KP-218U from Kio Yamato; PLACE CASADESUS from Ahlem Eyewear; STL II NYLON from KREWE

Party Face

Lafont faces the party! Voila!


Bar One. Bar None.

With its powder-like touch and confident pale coloration, this industrial interpretation of a modern P3 clicks.

MODO 688 from Modo

Golden Opportunity

Texture to the max. Materials to the max. Details to the max. Refinement to the max. All with an innate sense of style.

MASTER from Paradis Collection

Size Matters

Get Ready… Get Set… Go: Here… NOW!

VOGUE 5235-S from Luxottica

Wild is the Wind

State delivers the perfect partnership to runway allies Creatures of the Wind. This union (and look) is ever so solid and… quite proudly Made in America.

CREATURES OF THE WIND Monitor from State Optical

From left: MATSUDA 10611H from Matsuda; VERONIKA WILDGRUBER Briggs from Gramercy Eyewear; RANDY JACKSON S932P from Zyloware; DISCORD from Spy Optic

You First

Teka enters the sunwear arena with full confidence via dropped temples and some strikingly delicate and asymmetrical design detailing.

XOTIC S104 from Teka Eyewear