ESCHENBACH OPTIK OF AMERICA is introducing Eschenbach Academy, a new online educational platform designed to complement the low vision knowledge and training they currently provide in-person and via webinars. This new eLearning platform is available online and on demand, and is accessible on any electronic device to make it convenient for customers to use whenever and wherever they choose. The progressive format of the site tracks the customer’s progress and saves their information so that they can pick up right where they left off every time they log in, making it easy to utilize as time allows, Eschenbach says.

Eschenbach Academy’s educational content includes interactive low vision courses, low vision training modules and general business courses which are useful for practice managers and owners. The first low vision training module available is entitled “Low Vision Basics” and brings customers through a series of seven chapters which provide information on popular low vision topics such as assessing vision issues, having a successful consultation and identifying products that can assist patients with different tasks.

Eschenbach Academy provides training content that will help low vision professionals and their staff become more efficient and effective in providing low vision care to patients who have a vision impairment. In so doing, it will allow customers to deliver low vision care services with even more successful patient and practice outcomes. Learn more about Eschenbach Academy online at

–Andrew Karp