Jewelry designer Denise Solay presents Impressions, Limited Edition, an eyewear jewelry collection of Necglasses inspired by the French Impressionist paintings. This collection consists of five pieces based on the works of Marcel Duchamp, Paul Gauguin, Henri Matisse, Claude Monet and Pablo Picasso, and is created with a variety of semi-precious stones. The Matisse Necglass pictured here consist of 18th century Nepalese glass beads, citrine, amber, rare 16th century padre beads, 300-year old African samburu beads, aventurine and Thai “rice bead” silver. The Duchamp piece features goldstone, faceted opals, red jasper, carnelian and Thai ”rice bead” silver. All necglasses come with a sterling “S” hook so they can also be worn as traditional necklaces.

PHILOSOPHY: “This is the next major step in upgrading the image of eyewear accessories to match the excitement generated by today’s fabulous eyewear,” says designer Denise Solay. “My Impressions collection is an attention-getting new product line for eyewear retailers to offer their fashion-conscious clients and will generate renewed interest in the accessories category. These pieces make a wonderful complement to a great pair of glasses—and keep them safe.”

PRICE POINT: $$$$$. For additional information, contact Denise Solay Designs, (212) 541-8066; web site:

A few years ago Denise Solay created a collection of jewelry to coordinate with an exhibit of Henri Matisse paintings at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Following that, she was commissioned to create a necklace to coordinate with a Matisse painting. “Recently when visiting the museum, I became engrossed in the colors and energy of the French Impressionists and it occurred to me I could use these amazing creations as inspiration for a collection of eyewear jewelry,” says Solay.