20/20: Where did the idea of replicating old Morel designs come from? How did Originale come to be?
Denis Bellone: As designers, we are always on the lookout for new ideas and try to predict what’s coming next. However, sometimes new ideas come from revisiting the past. In other words, what’s old becomes new again! We all know that nostalgia is in the air, but in the case of this collection, it is something more. Our main global communication strategy was to pay homage to our heritage and celebrate our rich history. This collection was a natural fit that allowed us to honor our past with standout styles from the ’50s and ’60s.

How and why did you select certain frames to be replicated?
Iconic movie stars and musicians had a taste for eccentric shapes and immortalized them with the magic hand of history. From a historical standpoint, there were certain styles that really resonated with us. Our inspiration came from the individuals who wore these types of frames, but our Originale models were chosen for general audiences. In a way, we are giving everyone the chance to be a star!

Today’s media continues to inspire and influence us. This is something we’ve seen countless times in pop culture. Many movies, TV series and even music harken back to previous generations. I, for one, was thrilled to see Kate Bush top the charts after her music was used in “Stranger Things” on Netflix this year! The Originale collection represents an appreciation for the past coupled with a desire to always look forward to the future.

Will there be more styles added to the Originale collection in the upcoming months?
Haha! That means you want me to reveal a secret that most of our teams don’t even know… So, OK… I’m only talking to you; no one else is listening. Yes, we are going to have additional styles. The ’50s and ’60s Morel styles still have iconic designs to be rediscovered. Soon, different time periods may be explored, with the same enthusiasm as a child searching for forgotten toys in the attic.

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