20/20: What sets Pepe Jeans apart from other collections within the SD Eyes portfolio? 
Dave Lewis: Our Pepe Jeans collection specifically targets the millennial consumer audience. This collection will be the only collection we offer that has a polarized magnetic clip. 

What do you hope your customers gain from the new Pepe Jeans frames?
The independent optical shops throughout the United States will now have access to this iconic brand. The styles are playful and contemporary with modern finishes and as previously mentioned, a lightweight polarized magnetic clip is available.

What are some of the design details that customers will want to know about in this new collection?
Each Pepe Jeans style will bring cool styling, a flair for color and comfortable fit. Some styles will feature their trademark jean pattern along with decorative metal trim. The initial launch of 23 styles will all come with a lightweight polarized magnetic clip.

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