Jillian Urcelay: What interesting and unique design details can consumers expect to see throughout the new Champion C Life styles?
Connie Reiss: Design details include:
Colors: “Earthy” color palette—dark, mature rustic red, deep jade, natural blush and a variety of traditional tortoise especially honey-amber tortoise, with plenty of translucence and “light play” in general.

Shapes: Deep squares, geo-angle touches on traditional aviator shapes, extreme CatEyes, extreme butterflies, extreme rectangles.

Other Details: Protective side shields make a fashion statement. Unique logo placement (see styles Rose or Isaac) and luxurious touches (golden embellishments and jewelry-like detail).

What do you believe sets the Champion C Life collection apart from its competitors?
More fashion-forward, more gender fluidity and generally just much more fun! It combines athletic roots, urban soul and relevant trends into something truly unique and more daring than the competition, and by the way, it is more affordable than the competition.

Champion also released new eyewear retainers in its fall/winter 2021 collection. Can you describe the look and feel of these eyewear chains?
Yes, Champion C Life introduced what I call “face jewelry” for fall/winter 2021. Trendsetters are wearing the chains dangling off the frame front from the temples, not just around the neck as one might expect. They are being worn as a fun and bold decorative accessory (witness fashion brands like Fendi, Gucci, Chloe, Ray-Ban, etc.).

Each design in our 13-model collection of eye chains features the iconic Champion “C” logo chain link—some entirely made of metal, others full acetate and also a beautiful combination model featuring tri-layer acetate and metal.

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